Black Boosts Come to and End – But Go Out With a BANG.

Today we got an annoucement that today’s release of Black Boosts would be the last for the year, something that will either make you quite happy or disappointed. I think the team realized that at 107 different boosts, its reached a point of over saturation, even more so when you layer the purple boosts on top of them.

I really liked the flood of Black Boosts at first, as it gave an element of gameplay that was previously VERY difficult to come by. The Calvin Johnson AS Boost is still one of the more coveted cards in the game, and that should say a lot even after the recent tidal wave.

To see that the last set is as limited as Megatron is something interesting as well, as it presents quite the opportunity to go out of this phase of the game the right way. 100 copies of the 10 boosts today is NOTHING compared to the 500 from previous releases, and to see that there is also a chase for another reward card, makes them that much more valuable. The new Sky Blue boost that will be attached to collecting all the BB will maybe have 10-2o copies and I am not kidding.

Its also a bit odd that Kaepernick has gone without a boost this whole time, although I have confirmed with the huddle team that it was not intentional, and no vendetta exists as claimed.

I think the most important question that comes from this whole chase focuses on what comes next, and it should be readily apparent that a new level may come in the next few days. In Bunt the 4x boosts were Fire, and I am fully preparing myself for that chase to begin shortly.

In a game where you can only do so much with head shots on a design, I have come to terms with chasing the boosted cards as a fun experience within the app. Its not ideal, but it is something that we can all have a good time with if done the right way.


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Throwdown Primer 10/23 – Exclusive Sneak Peak at Tonight’s Boosts!

As has been the case with every Thursday Throwdown, here is your guide to the fanfare tonight. We are in store for another battle, as the Broncos and the Chargers are fighting a war over the AFC West, with Denver at 5-1 and SD at 5-2.

Here is an exclusive sneak peak at tonight’s game boosts and how they might factor in. Check back every week as the Huddle team has worked with the site to give you the goods on the Throwdowns before anyone else!

Peyton Manning – Broncos 5x

After all the attention Manning has gotten due to the record this should come as no surprise. Even with Manning overload, you cant argue with the play in recent games. He is averaging over 3 TDs per game this season, and the Chargers defense is going to be hard pressed to stop all the weapons he has.  Peyton is one QB who likely wont suffer from so little practice time, so he should have a great night despite short prep.

Verdict: Vital Piece

Demaryius Thomas – Broncos 5x

I imagine it was a hard choice between Demaryius and Julius Thomas, as both players have potential for huge points tonight.  Thomas’ last two games have both been over 150 yards and 2 TDs, and he could have a crazy night on Thursday with the short week playing in. He has already had one milestone card so far, could he be in line for another?

Verdict: Vital Piece

Antonio Gates – Chargers 5x

Like Julius Thomas, Gates is having a tremenous season, with 7 TDs already through 7 games. Pretty impressive considering he isnt a spring chicken anymore. The Broncos have given up their fair share of receiving TDs, and the Rivers to Gates connection is a powerful one.

Verdict: Worth Picking Up

Branden Oliver – Chargers 5x

The patchwork done by the Chargers in the rushing game is nothing short of impressive. Oliver has played extremely well while Donald Brown and Ryan Mathews have been out. He has averaged over 4.0 ypc, and should be a big part of the win if SD can pull it off. He has no other cards in the game, so this should be a coveted card.

Verdict: Worth Picking Up (tonight only)

Good luck tonight everyone! Cant wait to see how this game plays out.

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New Bunt Inserts Unwrapped – World Series Edition

World series week continues, and with it many more really cool cards that have made their way onto the card sheet. Im going to go through them as best I can, and some of them are going to be some of the tougher gets of the entire season.

World Series Triple Signature


Collectability: Extreme

You knew it was going to happen eventually, and I think it turned out very nicely. The horizontal cards are pretty cool, as we saw earlier on, and this one is no different. I think the player selection is nice, although I am sure there will be second card with two Royals and one Giant next time around.

World Series Post Season Set

IMG_0063 IMG_0062

Collectability: Extreme

I love cards with special logos on them, always have. I think it ads pomp and circumstance to a presentation, and the world series set looks awesome. The extra boost attached to these cards are par for the course, so I would definitely factor that in when you trade for them. Im just glad I have advanced notice of this when the Huddle playoffs eventually start.

Topps Anniversary World Series Set

IMG_0064 IMG_0061


Collectability: Strong +

Who can argue when Will Clark gets his first card. I know I cant. I wasnt familiar with the Royals player, and was really disappointed when it wasnt George Brett. More to come I would assume, which means that he should eventually get a card.

World Series Packs

Here is where I have an issue. The post season pack is already a tough pill to swallow, mainly due to the fact that no 5 card pack exists for 6500 coins. Not everyone wants to shell out 12500 coins just to get the post season cards. Even worse, that pack is relatively obsolete now that 90 percent of the cards in the pack are out of the playoffs. To ask 20k for a 1 card pack is about as bad as it gets, as there is no reason why this should cost this much. Paying double (40k) for a 33% chance of getting 3 cards instead of two, but also 33% chance of losing out on a card is an insult to us.  Sure, you could get the jackpot of nine cards, but its not worth the 20k coin risk. You are gambling 10 bucks worth of coins, and its better to take bird in hand than two in the bush with purchasing two 20k single packs.

Dont get me wrong, I said this would be the biggest week Bunt has ever seen, and that is definitely turning out to be the case. Im interested to see what happens next for sure.


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Huddle Tip of the Day – Best of Huddle Gets a Boost

If you are a points player like me, you live for the chase. You watch every Thursday and Monday night even if its a blowout, and you never trade a boost for a good insert in fear that you will miss those points. Your reward? Coins and Best of Huddle cards. The coins are easy to come by, but if you can make it work through the week, some of the BoH cards can be very nice pickups.

Some of the Bunters out there probably have a bad taste in their mouth about these cards because they dont have any value, even for the rarest of the rare. With boosted scoring now at 2.7 per card, they all of a sudden are coveted much like they should be. Top players who come away with awesome weeks can be very much worth their card count, where other players who arent as well known could be duds.

The best part of these cards is that they can be players who have yet to have a card in the game. If you remember back to the Redskins on Thursday night, the Cousins BoH was his only available card. People were fighting over them. Antonio Brown also had a big chase when his BoH Gold (15) was released with 2x boost and no other cards in the game.

With increased scoring for the cards, you can assume that there is a lot in play to get some of the rewards for your sheet. Most players can get into or near the top 500 as long as they can watch all the games and switch out their lineups in real time. Not only will the coins be a big help over the week to follow, but the BoH card will be a points machine most weeks.

One drawback is that you dont know who you are getting until you get it, and that can be difficult to predict. The best player for the WEEK may not be a good player overall, and that might be a killer if you end up with someone not worth having. Then again, you could hit the jackpot, as the top 10 and top 25 this week ended up with Demaryius Thomas and Russell Wilson 2.7x boosts respectively.

Play your cards right and you could end up with some nice trade bait at minimum. Even if you are a casual collector who doesnt like the game aspect as much, the coins alone make it worth playing. Opening more packs = more chances at nice cards.

WINNING WORD = Throwback


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A Special World Series Contest from Digital Card Central and BHK!

For the World Series, and Digital Card Central are teaming up for a very special contest! All you have to do is check back here daily and join up with BHK to win!

Here is how it will work:

Every day, a “WINNING WORD” will be posted at the bottom of one of the articles for the day. Find the word, and keep track for the next seven days. At the end of the seven days – send a private message to Tim28 on BHK forum with each word and the day it was used.

From the people who can list all seven words correctly, special prizes will be given out, including a rare Jackie Robinson Anniversary reward card from Bunt! Lots of ways to win!

Stay tuned to @_Buntmania and @SCUncensored on Twitter for complete coverage and potential surprises!

NOTE: To win, you must have a Topps Bunt account and be a member of BHK forum! Sign up at

WINNING WORD 1: Signature

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Bunt Tip of the Day – Bunt’s Biggest Week of the Year?

Ahh yes, the World Series is upon us. For the next week or two, the long baseball season comes to a close, and with it the Bunt season as well. Although this is a bittersweet time for the app before it goes into its normal downtime for the offseason, I think they are definitely going to go out with a bang. We have already seen a start to the fireworks yesterday, but here is how I am guessing it shakes out.

New Sigs!

We got a dual sig yesterday of Hosmer and Bumgarner for the beginning of the series, but you know it wont be the last one. With the release of the Lorenzo Cain Parallax Sig last week, I would not be shocked if there are a few more on the way. The cards are just too cool for that not to happen.

Post Season Heroes

We have gotten many different post season heroes cards over the last few weeks, and they are some VERY cool cards with the Parallax effect in play. I would expect one per day at least, with each game as important as a whole series. If you have been collecting these cards, you are likely going to be in for a treat.


Like they did with the All Star game in Minnesota, there will likely be a lot of cards that celebrate the history of the Series. Golden Moments, Throwback Thursday Cards, all of the above. With the Giants already having 2 titles recently under their belt, and the Royals having a storied history in the 1980s, I would guess that this wont go untapped.

MVP Cards

Like the ALCS and NLCS MVP cards, there will surely be a Series MVP card with a ginormous award attached to it. Might be one of the biggest cards of the year to chase, and it should not be a surprise if that card ends up being quite rare.

Champion’s Set

In 2013 Huddle and 2013 Bunt, a champions set was created to commemorate the winner. The Red Sox set had some really cool cards in it, and I would guess they will be that much better this year with all sorts of fun stuff to build.

Coin Chases

Last year, there were cards released that paved the way for the next year of the app. Rare inserts focused making the most of the final weeks of the season, all with large prizes that could be won along the way.

Bottom line, this is going to be a bonanza unlike anything you have ever seen before, and I could not be more excited. I am predicting the Giants are going to take this one home but its not going to be easy.

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Monday Throwdown Primer 10/20 – Exclusive Sneak Peak at Tonight’s Boosts

Interesting game tonight, no doubt about it. Lots going on with the AFC east, and the Steelers are right in the thick of it. The Texans are already showing improvement over an abysmal 2013 campaign, and their defense has a lot to be proud of.

Here is an exclusive sneak peak at tonight’s game boosts and how they might factor in. Check back every week as the Huddle team has worked with the site to give you the goods on the Throwdowns before anyone else!

Antonio Brown – Pittsburgh 5x

Even though the Steelers have had a mixed bag this year at 3-3, Brown has been consistently awesome. 629 yards and 5 TDs means he has caught all but 3 of his teams’ receiving scores. He is averaging over 100 yards per game, and will be a factor tonight no doubt about it. The question is how much damage he will do.

Verdict: Vital Piece

Le’Veon Bell – Pittsburgh 5x

Bell is off to a great start, even though he does not have the TDs he should. Blount has gotten more of the goal line looks because of his size, which leaves Bell with a focus on continuing to pick up yardage to get them in range. That’s fine for Huddle, as yardage machines can easily rack up the points.

Verdict: Worth Picking Up

JJ Watt – Houston 5x

Of all the defenders in the league, there are not many I would support getting the love that Watt gets from Huddle. The long and short of it is that Watt puts up points like nobody’s business, and deserves every last bit of it. He is the best there is right now. Now, because the Steelers run the ball as much as they do, Watt will get some chances to make plays. I would have this card ready WHEN not if he gets his big play.

Verdict: Worth Picking Up

Arian Foster – Houston 5x

This is Houston’s second throwdown, and Foster was a major piece of some of the winners’ lineups last time around. He has 5 TDs and is averaging about 100 yards per game with close to 5 yards per carry. Nice numbers for a guy that was a ghost last year. I would definitely get a few if you can.

NOTE: Foster has already had a 5x boost so be very careful. There may be users who try to trade a 5x from last time and disguise it as a new one. The new boost will NOT have sold out on the card during the game. 

Verdict: Vital Piece

Honorable Mentions:

Ben Roethlisberger – Its hard to see where Ben would be a better choice than Brown, if only because so many of his passes go that direction.

DeAndre Hopkins – Hopkins is a guy that hasnt had good games as of late, with his 3 TDs all coming in games early in the season. Has fallen off a bit.

Andre Johnson – Last throwdown Johnson lit it up, but he is too much of a risk to choose if he is going to be a ghost.

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