2015 Bunt Ramp Up: Best Players to Chase

Let me start this off by saying that we dont know how 2015 scoring is going to work. We also dont know how play structure is going to facilitate how we play the game. All that taken into consideration, there are a few players that should be great pickups regardless of whether or not the scoring or structure changes. Here are some of my targets.

Clayton Kershaw – SP, Dodgers

Even though he had quite the meltdown in the playoffs, he was basically unhittable during the regular season. His ERA, WHIP, and K/IP were all high, leading him to the 2014 NL Cy Young and MVP. You know he is dominant when both awards are in his pocket. That rarely happens. This year, the Dodgers are again going to be in a tough division, but Kershaw is one of those guys you bet on regardless. Expect him to be the top pitcher in the league again this year.

Mike Trout – OF, Angels

I have been a Trout fan since he exploded onto the scene back in 2011, and think he should have 2-3 MVPs on his resume instead of just 1. I guess voters just dont see the stats like most of us do.  Either way, Trout put up a monster season last year, and was one of the only hitters that was worth playing like a pitcher in the game. That is saying a lot. This year, the Angels will be a playoff contender again, and Trout will likely repeat the heroics he had last year. Its a given with him. Expect over 30 HRs, a high average, and over 100 RBIs, to match some SB and some low strikeout numbers.

Felix Hernandez – SP, Mariners

Considering he didnt have a card in Bunt that scored above 1x until later in the year, he still managed to be one of the top scoring pitchers in the game. He slowed down as the year came to a close, but was THIS close to being in the playoffs. He is a big strikeout pitcher who has a miniscule ERA, all things that led to big Bunt points last year. Even if the structure changes, he will be a guy to chase.

Giancarlo Stanton – OF, Marlins

This guy has rare talent, hitting for power, average and everything in between. Now that he has a huge contract tied to him for the next 50 years, the numbers could drop a bit, but it wont matter much. Stanton is a guy you can feel confident about, especially when you see how far he can hit the ball on a regular basis. Im curious to see if Bunt will adjust to be more evenly weighted between hitters and pitchers, but you never know.

Johnny Cueto – SP, Reds

Last year was Cueto’s year, striking out a ton of guys on his way to one of the lowest ERAs in the league. Although the Reds didnt factor into the postseason much, it was clear that he was easily one of the best pitchers in baseball. Im not sure the Reds did much in the offseason to improve, but as long as they have him pitching at his best, they will be a tough team to beat.

Jose Altuve – 2B, Astros

Believe it or not, the ‘Stros have a young team that quietly put up some really good hitting numbers over the year, including Altuve taking home the batting title. He also put up 21 HRs, which is pretty insane for a second baseman that hits for average as much as power. His teammate Chris Carter also put up 37 HRs, but didnt have the solid stats to not make him a Bunt liability (182Ks is hard to stomach). In contrast, Altuve only struck out 53 times which is just ridiculous.

Madison Bumgarner – SP, Giants

I have never seen someone pitch like he did in the World Series last year. You have to go back a very long time to find a comparable series. What people may not have been familiar with is that he put up some really nice numbers during the regular season as well,  with 199Ks and only 43 walks to match his sub 3 ERA. Not bad at all. Through his career, he has been quite the ace for the Giants, pitching close to 200 innings a year. I think he should come into 2015 with a reason to be great again.

Jose Abreu – 1B, White Sox

I am not a White Sox fan at all, being from Minnesota, but even I can appreciate Abreu’s rookie season. He put up some nice totals in all the major categories, coming 3 HR short of the league lead, while still managing to hit .317. For someone who had never played in the major leagues, that is pretty nuts. This year, I think the White Sox added some pitching help, but with the loss of Konerko’s leadership and a few other things, Im not sure how much better they will be.

I think 2015 Bunt is going to be quite a fun experience, just from what the team has said already. Looks like there will be a bunch of new added features, so its going to be interesting how the game reflects what everyone is expecting.

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2015 Bunt Ramp Up: Saving, Buying, and Spending Your Coins

I have been getting a few people reaching out about the way the offseason will transfer into the new build of Bunt for 2015, and I wanted to offer some thoughts. The main focus of the questions are focused on coin usage and carryover, and it is definitely worth discussing the strategy.

Buying Coins

Im going to start with buying coins because it is something that some of the users are unfamiliar with, or at least unfamiliar with the strategy. There is strategy too, as you dont want to spend too much money when you dont have to.

First off, in case you didnt see, Bunt offered the 100k bundle of coins for $9.99 yesterday, which is literally the best deal they offer. If I had to wager, more deals will be offered in a similar capacity leading up to the launch of the 2015 update. Once the season begins, there is no guarantee that they will offer sales until the initial tidal wave slows down.

Secondly, it is ALWAYS better to buy coins in bulk than to buy in for small amounts. The reason I say this is because you not only get more for your money, but it forces you to plan out your spending more appropriately. When you follow the micro purchase model, you literally give them more money for what you get, and trust me, I know what that is like.

During the offseason months, I am going to guess it will be much easier to get into the VIP program than it would be once the season starts. The reason I say that is because with fewer people buying coins right now, the median spend is lower, which MIGHT contribute to a lower threshold on the tiers of VIP. I dont know for sure, but that is my guess. Also, with VIP coin payouts being provided to you leading up to the launch, it puts you in a great position for the next part of my post.

Saving Coins

Right now, its hard to be in save mode because the first scoring cards of 2015 were released. They look cool, and have a nice checklist, but its something that I would be very cautious of dumping your coins into, unless you have a ton to spare.

Bottom line, the base will be released within the next 4 weeks, and you want to be prepped to go full speed. Its going to take a minimum of 200-300k to really build a mildly competitive team regardless of the point structure, unless you are someone that wants to spend a ton of time on the trade boards. You will have to do that anyways, but you dont want to make it more difficult than it has to be.

With a payout of 15k coins per week just from daily bonuses, you can easily rack up about 50-60k just from checking in every day. That’s not bad.  If you have been saving all offseason like I recommended in November, you probably have quite a stash by now.

Spending Coins

Right now, I have a very specific rule with spending coins. Unless it is a card I REALLY like for what it is, im not spending any coins from this point forward. Even though the spring fever cards are tempting, they are 1x cards that could be relatively worthless in gameplay depending on how the structure is revealed. There is also no guarantee they will stay 1x, but for now, we have to take it at face value.

What I would do is check the cards from Spring Fever against the checklist from Topps Baseball Series 1 and see if they will have a base card that will be released in the first wave. Because we know the base cards will have a progressive boost like last year, 1x will likely equate to a common. Now, if that person does not have a base card in series 1, the spring fever card might be a rare playable card for that player until they get a base in Series 2. IF they get a base in Series 2!

Creating that mentality within your spending will help guard against impulse purchases. You want to make sure that you have the proper firepower to really get into things come the beginning of April. You will not be able to do that unless you save.

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2015 Bunt Ramp Up: Play Structure Predictions

We know 2015 Bunt play structure is going to be VERY different. With 2014 focused almost entirely on pitchers and how they performed, im guessing the new season will find a way to make hitters more relevant. The question surrounding the launch of the new build is focused on what the new structure will look like and how it is going to work. Here are some of my predictions.

Theory 1 – Fantasy Sports, Expert Edition

I have always said that the easiest way to get hitters more involved is to require a user to play them over a pitcher. The only way to do that is to require a more fantasy style lineup where each position must be played at all times.

Many people would see this as a drastic departure from the previous situation, but I think that there is a way to incorporate Bunt 2014 into this style of play. Basically, let players stack cards on top of each position so that multipliers can be applied. For instance, you have to play AT LEAST one card at each position at all times, but you can switch out as many times as you want, and you can stack X number of cards on top of each position as long as the player name is the same.

This would ensure that hitters remain valuable, and that you can STILL get some big bonuses for playing multiple copies at a time. It would also make defense much more involved in scoring, and it would allow for people who dont have the MLB.COM package to still play along and not fall as far behind.

Theory 2 – Batting Order and Pitching Rotation

Like the above situation, this style of play would be very different from 2014. Basically have two separate lineups where users can play cards. One would be their “Batting Order” where they could play up to 9 cards of hitters only. The second would be the pitching rotation, where they could play 5 cards of starting pitchers and relievers only.

Similar to last year, switches would be a very big part of the game, but it would allow hitters to be much more relevant and valuable. It would also take some major fast fingers to make this happen well, as you would basically be switching double time compared to last year. Could get taxing.

Theory 3 – Set it and Forget It

This would take most of the fun out of Bunt’s hopping gameplay, and that is why I doubt it will happen. Basically, give players a very limited and constrained lineup, but use powerups and other types of cards to make the lineup more interesting. For instance, you can only switch out your guys at the beginning of each day, up until the start of the games, but the power ups can be moved around to help you guard against a melt down.

Theory 4 – League Play

I believe that league play will be a big part of 2015 Bunt, but it will incorporate a new type of gameplay to make it more interesting as well. This theory is more of a catch all to explain that it is going to be more of a community based leaderboard structure, rather than a one leaderboard for all.

In all likelihood, you will be able to create friendly leagues to really compete with your buddies, similar to the friends ranking on last year’s Bunt. I would guess there will be ways to wager and win prizes for best league and stuff like that as well.

Similarly, the throwdown structure is all but guaranteed to return, so get ready to stock up for Sunday Nights likely.

On Twitter and Q&A, both TOPPSIAN and TOPPSMIKE said that play would be very different this year, and I am quite excited to see what they can do. The limits of the app are being pushed, from what I can tell, and that is always a good thing.

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Bunt Tip of the Day: Is It Worth Collecting New Inserts Now?

I have seen Bunt really start to ramp up on the inserts over the last few weeks, and I am sure it has a lot to do with Spring Training coming into focus over the next month. The baseball season is imminent, and I could not be more happy.

All that being said, with the looming release of 2015 Bunt, is it worth picking up new cards that you know are still categorized technically under 2014? There are reasons to think that it is and it isnt.

The Case For Collecting Now

First and foremost, the cards look tremendous. Each new insert set is cooler than the next, and some of them really are packing a punch in value. Finest cards are trading like sigs in many cases, and the themes of the sets we are seeing are really cool.

When you see how great sets like Nicknames and Grid look, and how there is likely not going to be a huge change in collection strength come 2015, it isnt a bad thing if you feel drawn to spending your coins to pick up these cards. People will want them next year because they are A) rare, B) look awesome and C) have really clever themes.

Those last three things hardly ever change, and it is a big reason why some 2013 inserts are still very valuable. Go try to find a McCutchen Mystery for cheap, it just doesnt exist.

Lastly, there are no year tags applied to the newest cards, which could mean that they eventually get tagged with the new year. That is pretty interesting, as it will add value if they show up when sorted by 2015 after the launch of the new build.

The Case Against Collecting Now

With 2015 likely about a month and a half away, there is a timer before the collectors focus shifts to completing the new sets. With each new year, things change, and people move on. No matter how cool a new card is, it will drop in value when the new cards are released. There are still some major questions to see how MUCH value will be lost, but it might not be worth risking it until we know for sure.

Secondly, there is no guarantee that the insert structure will remain the same. We all know that there will be inserts and there will be sigs, but we dont know how they will function in game. The reason is because we dont know how much the gameplay element will be changing. It might not change at all, but there have been a lot of clues that say it is.

A change in gameplay structure could mean a shift in collection value as well, and we know that 2014 cards will not score, save a few here and there. Because we dont know much about how the app is going to change – trading, playing along, sorting, etc – its hard to make a case that it is worth buying in or acquiring the new inserts until those things are cleared up.

Dont get me wrong, I love the look of the newest inserts enough that I bought coins for the first time in months on Bunt. However, I am overly cautious at the same time with how much I am investing. Balance is the key word.

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Gridiron Unwrapped – New Huddle Offseason Inserts 2/16

Thankfully, Huddle isnt going to take off completely during the offseason, which means I dont have to end my addiction cold turkey as I prepare for 2015. That is a very good thing. What I didnt expect was that they were going to continue to bring the heat, including the release of some major cards. Here is a quick breakdown.

Huddle Honors Series

2 1

Cards: 5
Lowest Count: 13 (Gronkowski)
Reward: Aaron Rodgers MVP and 10k Coins
Rarity: Extreme+
Cool Factor: Franchise Player

Let me start by saying that a set commemorating the award winners for the NFL has been greatly desired each year that Huddle has existed. A lot of people were chasing this set, as everyone wants to have the cards celebrating the best of the best. Honors was a great way to do that, and the cards look AWESOME.

I love when Huddle uses retro designs, and this series spoke to me. First off, they were impossible pulls, which only made me want the set more than I already did. To give you an idea of how hard these were to pull, I spent close to 2 million coins and only pulled one. Secondly, because they were the award winners, this was the first weekly series I had to lock and keep locked after the payout. Unlocking any of them gets me trade offers immediately from blind traders who want the set. I dont think that has happened before.

We also got the first card of Aaron Donald, the Defensive Rookie of the Year, which seems a bit odd. You would think there would be more cards of a guy who played like he did in 2014, but this is it. Other than Donald, this series represents the top names in Huddle, with Murray, Watt and Beckham Jr all being featured. There are a lot of team collectors out there who will stop at nothing to pick up their guys.

When the set paid out, I knew it was going to be low. To see Rodgers come in at 10 copies was insane. It reminded me of the rarity of the draft picks set in 2013, which was similarly tough to pull. They are some of the only cards from last year that trade at almost full value.

My compliments to the team on the look of the set, and though they were hard to get, it remains one of my favorites of the year.

All Huddle Series

1212 565

Cards: 15
Lowest Count: TBD
Reward: Demarco Murray All Huddle
Rarity: Strong
Cool Factor: Franchise Player

Man do I love the look of these cards. To see the progression between last year’s All Huddle series and this year’s all huddle series is incredible. The design border is really cool, looking almost Star Trek like in its presentation. The pic with the stadium behind it is always something I will love.

I am a bit sad that there werent more of these to commemorate all of the top point scorers and pro-bowlers in Huddle this year, but the set was hard enough to collect as it was. I am also a bit disappointed that there were all playoff guys in the set, as this should have been a time to start branching out from the same guys we have been dealing with over the last few months. Im sorry, but Darrelle Revis did not need another card.

Regardless of the player choice, the set is pretty awesome, especially because it featured some unsung heroes of the 2014 season. Each of the main positions on the field got a card, including the offensive line and special teams, which was cool to see. I think JJ Watt probably deserved to be in the set more than Suh as teh defensive lineman, but that’s just me. Based on that logic, Revis was far from the best corner in the NFL this year, and I think Pouncey was further down the list for Centers. According to Pro Football Focus, Chris Harris was the best CB this year, and im sure that guys like Brent Grimes might also deserve consideration. Same thing can be said for players like Travis Frederick for Centers.

Either way, pretty cool idea and really nice execution on the set.

Huddle Team MVP Series

66 6

Cards: 32
Lowest Count: TBD
Reward: Gronkowski Team MVP Reward and 5k coins
Rarity: Good
Cool Factor: Fan Favorite Player

I really like the idea of this set, and I like it better than the Five Star cards from last year. Most teams dont have 5 players worth putting on a card, and celebrating the Team MVP is a cooler concept. The design is really clean and looks sleek, which drew me to the set in the first place. Making these easier pulls will make it more inclusive for everyone to try for the large set, and that is a win.

My only nitpicky complaint was posting a card count for the cards, even though there was no way these would ever reach 10k in one day. There is no reason to say the pulls are limited if there is no way the cards would reach that point.

Player choice has been solid as well, as this is kind of like the Editor’s Choice card for each team. Guys like Murray and Manning are no brainers, and its nice that the team collectors got their due.

Im still worried that they are going to come out with one last card that breaks from the odds of 1:10 and comes in at like 1:300 or something like that. Hopefully that doesnt happen.

Aurora Borealis 1/1 Sigs

4 Capture

Cards: 7
Lowest Count: All are 1/1s
Reward: N/A
Rarity: Unattainable
Cool Factor: Bench Player

Im not a fan of these cards. However, the reason I am not a fan has nothing to do with their rarity. That’s not the issue. The issue I have is that they look incomplete. It is a sig with the player on a background, and the normal sig template is not applied. Although this might be on purpose, its something that I really think is a detriment to the set.

If you are going to offer a packed out 1/1 signature, the only of its type to ever be in packs, I would say its a better idea to make it as good as it can be instead of just putting the head shot on top of a stock photo and slapping a sig on it.

There are surely more inserts to come, and ill check in periodically with my take. Keep checking back for more information as the offseason goes on!

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Five Reasons That Topps Digital Needs to Improve

Yesterday I posted a write up of five reasons that everyone needs to get on board with the digital apps produced by Topps. Today is the second in that series that details some of the situations that need to improve to help keep the experience top notch.

Topps has generated a lot of fans from the creation of their three flagship apps, and for the most part, people continue to come back every single year to participate. However, there are some major issues, and I am 100% confident that they are aware of every last one of them. From what my understanding is, they are working on coming up with some solutions, some of which may be in place with the new build for 2015 Bunt.

1. New User Experience

Right now, Topps has to be focused on generating more users for their apps, as that is the only way to grow the footprint that each of them have. The problem is that the community can function quite a bit like any internet community, with unspoken rules and manners in which you should operate. Because it takes so long for new users to get onboarded, it can cause some major attrition of this resource, something that just cannot happen.

To be completely transparent here, I started this site as a resource for new users because I felt the experience I had was horrible. I was basically drug through the mud on every trade and every game, because I just couldnt figure it out. Because so much of Topps’ apps are based IN the app, there were so few resources outside of it to truly understand what I was doing. This needs to change.

I would like to see Topps Digital have an official site that provides resources for new users, much like its’ competitors have. I would also like them to offer more startup capital for the new users, without making it abundantly easy for existing users to take advantage of it. Lastly, there should be more opportunities for the new users to gain a quick advantage so that they stick around. The releases of the Bunt On Deck and Gridiron Greats were huge plusses for new users, but that dissipated very quickly.

2. Customer Service / Customer Support

This is the biggest issue at bay for existing users, and I put it number 2 because you need to create users to keep them on board. In fact, I would go as far as saying this should be one of the biggest focuses for Topps Digital in 2015, especially as the new builds of Bunt/Huddle/Kick all get going.

I dont think there is a shortage of people getting their problems sorted out eventually, but the main problem is that no one knows the best way to reach out to the team. There are forms in the apps and main twitter accounts for everyone involved, but the response timeframe can get slowed down significantly when a bigger issue arises.

Topps is usually slow on the draw to recognize issues publicly, which only adds to the volume that can be directed to any number of the main accounts and forms in play. I have suggested an automated twitter support account for the apps, and I have also suggested making things more available for more casual users to know the best way to reach out.

That being said, I also understand that users frequently try to abuse what they believe to be Topps’ slow nature, trying to capitalize on things that arent true. This is an issue in every commodity based industry, so there will have to be some big deterrents involved to make sure that only real requests get through.

3. Gameplay Functionality

In all 3 of the apps, there has been gameplay issues in the mix, everything from small glitches to huge gaffs that impact every user. Obviously, any computer based entity has the potential to break or glitch up, but at the same time Topps has to be able to address issues in a way that doesnt look like they are tripping over themselves.

In Huddle, one of the biggest refunds in history just took place because server crashes and certain card functionality was not available during the Super Bowl.  Although I can assure you that everyone at Topps was beyond upset that the biggest game of the year was impacted by something out of their control, it still happened.

In Bunt, there have been issues in the past with users plays resetting to zero, and other API related situations that impacted scoring across the app. Again, Topps doesnt control some of these aspects, but it still happened.

With the EXPECTATION that things are going to go wrong eventually and unavoidably, there needs to be some user based functionality that can showcase the efforts to fix and inform everyone of status. When money is involved, people get fired up, and that’s where this can get kind of ugly.

4. VIP Program

I love that the VIP program exists, and I love that there are rewards for being a frequent buyer and supporter of the Topps apps. This should never go away, as the best customers should always get the appreciation they deserve.

At the same time, there is so little transparency around the VIP program that it causes more friction with people than it should. No one really knows how much it takes to reach each level, and it leaves the newer users in the dark on how to reach the tiers. There are articles that detail the rewards, but many people are still feeling left out in every way.

To be candid with my readers here, Im not sure if you want to know how much some people spend on the app. Just from talking with certain users, if people knew how much they spend, they would walk away, plain and simple. You cant compete with people who spend thousands if you dont spend at all. It will be inevitable that people will leave if they feel like there is no shot. That’s why I am sure they dont want to publish some of that information. Similarly, the way the program looks to be structured, I believe it is something that has moving targets based on the spending month by month. There isnt a set amout to reach gold, black and diamond until they find out the median spending. I have a section and a few posts detailing my theories if you want to read more.

5. Competition

I dont mean to put this at five, because all of the things discussed in this post are almost as important as the other ones. Competition is a huge one, as it is the main source of gameplay in the apps. Collection pieces are big too, but competition is some of the main reasons why people do what they do in Topps Digital.

Right now, lower tenure users cannot compete in many ways because of the way the standings are structured. Because everyone is lumped together every week, it puts the big fish against the small fish, and that never really works out for newer people.

At the same time, I also support spenders having an advantage over non-spenders, because I want my investments to mean something. I want to be special for spending money, and I want to have something that people who dont spend cant get. Otherwise, what is the point of putting real money into the app?

That does not mean that competition should be 100% skewed in that direction as balance needs to exist some how. This is where personally formed leagues and friendly competitions between buddies should become a part of the game. Im sure we will see some of this during the releases of the new builds for 2015, but no details have emerged.


As I said yesterday, I am a huge fan of these apps, and both of these articles are meant to be used as a platform for improvement. It is not a matter of complaining when you can offer constructive solutions, and I encourage everyone to lend their voice with me. Start your own site, post on twitter, and do so in a way that highlights concern and support in a helpful way. Dont be a jerk about complaining, and dont be a mindless drone supporting things with the hope of reward. Be a thoughtful part of the community, and use your platform for the betterment of everyone.

Hopefully our discussion will lead to a better state for 2015, as the great things become bigger strengths and the areas of development are addressed.

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Five Reasons to Get On Board With Topps Digital Today

Over the next two days, Im going to publish two articles that will detail some thoughts on why its a great time to be on the apps, but also some reasons on why its not so great. Ill start with the good, because I feel like its the easier of the two to digest, but I encourage everyone to come back tomorrow for the areas that Topps needs to improve.

1. Get in On the Ground Level

Everyone wants to be a part of a trend before its cool, and I feel like we are still at that point with all the apps that Topps makes. You might think people have moved past the stages of the games where too much has been missed, but I think that couldnt be further from the truth.

When you look at the potential audiences, Topps hasnt even scratched the surface of the user bases of the app store, many of which would love to use Bunt/Huddle/Kick as their main source of fun for their gaming life. 2015 is already shaping up to be the biggest Bunt year of the run, and we dont even know much about it.

Bottom line, with the hiring of a new VP of Digital at Topps, there are many examples why the apps will continue to grow exponentially, especially if Huddle can get a full NFL license.

2. App Design / Card Design

I feel like we are in the golden age of digital card design here, and there is no where to go but up. Not only has the look and feel of all three apps improved significantly over the last year, but it literally gets better by the day.

Topps made significant investments in the design department, hiring graphic artists to partner with each of the three apps, leading to a big payoff as we have seen. The apps and cards have never looked better, and I am eager to see what 2015 holds.

3. New App Coming Soon

As mentioned on Twitter last month, Topps is in the process of putting the finishing touches on a new app. There have been guesses from UFC to NASCAR to Star Wars, but they are tight lipped on what it is going to be. The UFC license to me is very interesting, as Topps already produces cards for the brand. Who knows what is possible if fantasy MMA comes to digital in that fashion.

Being that a new app is in the works, this is everyone’s chance to be on board for the beginning of something great. Even if it turns out to be something like Garbage Pail Kids, its still worth checking out based on what the other apps have been able to accomplish.

4. Its the Off-season!

With the off-season comes diminished users playing along, but that also means you can start your collection and bring it up to speed much more cheaply than trying to do so during a time where the user base is the highest. Stocking up your cards to be able to trade for the new ones is a huge plus, and it gives you an advantage over the tens of thousands of people who will join up come opening day/weekend.

5. Have Fun Every Day

For the last two years, a day has not gone by where I havent been on one of the apps, with few exceptions. Its one of the best time wasters out there, and god knows how much most of us can use an escape every so often.

Even if you are just a casual user who checks into get your daily bonus and crack a few packs, the apps will be fun every day. If you really want to go deep down the rabbit hole, each of the three apps can service your needs in spades. Its easy to get sucked in, mainly because for what they are meant for, the digital apps are a blast.

Check back tomorrow for part two, which as mentioned above, covers the negative aspects that many users are finding issue with.

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