Desperate Needs: Trophy Card Display Case

Lets travel back to 2013. Back to a simpler time when inserts were all in the same pack, and contests didnt exist. To trade, you had to pull up someone’s user profile, click on their sheet, and offer a trade. In the user profile, you saw the 9 cards they were playing for points at that time. During games, this was a way to see how the best scoring players got their points. During down times, it was something that the apps have been missing for the last 2 years – a way to show off your best cards.

Im not someone that reminisces about those days and misses a lot of what was going on. I very much enjoy the apps and I very much enjoy collecting on all 3 of the ones I play. However, I do get upset with each new year, because I know my best or favorite cards are no longer going to be in the default filter for 95% of the people out there. Because I have been playing Bunt and Huddle since the beginning, I have a lot of cards that are awesome, but also a lot of cards that never see the light of day.

Not only does this lead to my perception of those cards changing, but it also takes away the desire to buy during the offseason or other times where I know the cards will practically disappear come the beginning of the next season.

We all can understand how bringing up a user profile every time someone wants to offer a trade isnt the most efficient way to do it. However, that doesnt mean the trophy case needs to go away. In fact, I would say that this is one of the things that would make an app like SWCT much more interesting.


Back when the 9 card display was active, people used it many different ways. Sometimes it was to showcase their wares, other times it was shown as a trade list, or sale depot. It was frequent that people said “trading cards in my profile” and used that as a way to help people understand what they wanted to deal.

Suggestions on Implementing This Feature

Even if we cant have a 9 card display any more due to screen space it would take up, or lack of space in any spot in the app, 3-4 cards would still make a world of difference. Here are some of the ways I would think about this, and how much value it could create in cards from previous years.

  • Add it when selecting a user to trade with on the fan feed – when you bring up someone’s profile display 3-4 thumbnails right below their name. It could be a spot where everyone needs to look.
  • Add it on the home screen – not only is it important to make the cards prominent for others to see, but also for the users themselves to see.
  • Update year filters so locked cards are visible no matter what – this is a more interesting way of doing it, where users can use their locks to add a section to their sheet that makes locked cards visible regardless of what year they belong to.
  • Add more locks – Bunt has 100, kick has 100. SWCT and Huddle have 30 and 25. We need a lot more to make due.

Residual Value

As it stands, many of the users leave the sports apps during the offseason. Its a natural exodus, and adding the trophy case might not prevent that. However, it can provide additional value during the season and during that timeframe – especially if people can continually show off everything they have collected.

I will not be ashamed to admit that my spending all but concludes when the offseason hits, mainly because of the phenomenon in play here. I know that any card I buy will not fall into the next season’s filter, so the prestige of owning that card will only come into play for people who still look for previous years when they dive into trading. That is a more limited group with each passing year, especially with turnover and new user acquisition.

At least if the cards arent going to score past the end of the year, give us a way to show them off.

Trading Impact

Right now, the fan feed must take up a ton of server space. A constantly scrolling feed of people who post the same request over and over again. Many of the requests can get pretty intricate, and this feature might be able to simplify that exchange, or even add a way to build in a way to tag something for trade or not for trade.

Going back to the way people have used the display in the past, it has shown cards that are off limits, it has shown cards that are on the table, or it has added simplicity to the fan feed blurb that is posted again and again. Its easier to say – check my display than list out the 9 cards you want to deal.

Convenience is the name of the game, especially in an app like Star Wars, where many users have taken to hoarding specific cards. This is a way to show off their hoard, add to their hoard or just give a glimpse of what they like. That is quite helpful for many fan feed noobs who have trouble deciphering the codes and vernacular.

I understand I might be too late, as Bunt 2016 could be too far into development to incorporate this. Hopefully this is something that can be worked in, as I see it as a game changer. I dont say that often, but I am using it here for a reason.

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Why Bunt Prospect Cards Are a BIG Deal

Yesterday, Bunt released a new series of card that I found to be one of the more intriguing releases of the offseason. Not because they look cool (which they do), or because they feature interesting players (which they also do). Its because they are the first card in any app to have the distinction of scoring points beyond 2016. You might think this is insignificant, but it isnt at all. This is something that could be big, if played correctly, and I hope we get some more instances of the team playing around with the concept more as we progress through the new season.



In just about every case, once a season ends, so does the point scoring ability for that year’s cards. It happens in Bunt, it happens in Huddle, and I assume it happens in Kick. Not only is this something that can be necessary, but it is also a way to ensure that people continue to buy the cards pertaining to the new season instead of resting on a giant collection of cards from the previous year.

It it necessary because many of the games release high boosted card through the season, and to have those score at the beginning of the following year is an unfair advantage to people who have come on board during the days leading up to opening day. Bottom line, you cant start the season with 25 gold cards of every player from the previous year and still expect the game to be competitive for newer people.

Why This Idea is Big

Obviously, letting every card score beyond the current season would be awesome for all us veterans who have stocked collections. Trust me, I know that. However, in an environment like we have, I also understand that we need to color within the lines.

I think that allowing cards to score past the end of the year is a way to build value where there may not be as much to begin with – especially for rare cards or expensive cards that people want. This should be a luxury type add on, and I fully support its exploration more as we get out of just prospect cards. VIP program cards are a great incentive as it is, but think about the impact it would have if those cards were available for more than just the current season? Pretty nice perk to reward spenders right?

Similarly, physical crossover cards like the new Titans set should also be granted this type of designation, if not only because they are so hard to acquire. They also should be used as incentive for physical collectors to come to Bunt and stay there, or as bait to have digital collectors dive into the physical product. Adding a multi year designation makes that more alluring.

In the end, it might be a way to keep cards at the forefront of people’s consciousness once the year is over. So often the gems of previous years are lost without a “trophy case” to display the best of the best for all to see. It used to be that we could leave 9 cards in our starting lineups for everyone to appreciate, but now that is gone. If a card isnt on the current year’s sheet, its filtered out 9/10 times so no user even cares to look. With multi year cards, older diamonds can get the estate presentation they deserve.

Dealing With Changes in the App

One of the other reasons why multi year cards can be difficult, is because the app changes year over year. Bunt 2016 will likely almost be a different game than Bunt 2014, and could even be very different from 2015. Its crazy how many changes have occurred, many for the better.

This means that a card that has extreme value today might not have the same value in the future. Although that isnt a huge concern, its something that may have more impact than one would expect. So much of Bunt collecting is based on prospective value “profit” and with a desire to stay relevant, the issues could present a problem in trade-ability of the subjects.

Personally, I love when new things like this are rolled out, as it keep things fresh. As we get closer to the new build launching at the end of March or beginning of April, im sure we are due for an education.



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Looking At the SWCT Coin Economy

A few days ago, I wrote out an extended commentary on direct purchase inserts, and why they can be good and bad. One of the things that seems to be a part of the switch to direct purchase is the coin economy, more over, the fact that there seems to be so many floating around. There are some reasons why this started, and some more reasons why it continues. With almost every insert being offered through direct purchase at this point, is it worth keeping your coins? Here are some thoughts.

I think the changes in the coin economy stem from a number of different issues, and a few are easy to pick out. High daily bonuses, drop in value of marathon inserts, fewer sets to chase on a daily basis, more direct purchase, all have an effect on the value of coins. At the same time, the rise in hoarding within the app has put more value on acquisition of many base cards, which means that coins are still very important to that quest.

Similarly, taking all marathons out of the cheaper packs last year, seems to have had a larger impact than even I expected it would. It used to be that everyone in the app lined up for releases of the marathons each day. For many, the daily bonus of 25k coins gave them 25 shots at a pack containing the marathons at 1k each rip. That bonus made it worthwhile to run fast to the app when things were released. When the packs became 5k a rip, many of the daily users decided it was better to go another direction. Vintage and Widevision still had clout, but the other inserts fell considerably in residual value. Now that we are in wave 2, very little of that value from the older marathons has returned.

The advent of selling SWCT inserts on eBay also exacerbated the fallout from the pack switch, as there were fewer people who now wanted to keep the inserts. So many more acquired with the intention to sell, only hurt further by the ever growing crowd of people who just gave up on marathons all together.

More and more people also started up duplicate accounts to keep raking in the coins, as it was still profitable to pick up inserts every day. Around the same time, the cross traffic from other apps also jumped on board with hoarding coins knowing how valuable big releases were.


Today we saw Vintage released in bundle format for the first time in its run. As someone who hates ripping through packs and coming up empty, I was happy to have an option if I so desired. Others saw it as a further devaluation of the coin economy, which is a fair criticism of the program. Coins are dropping in value, but it has as much to do with user behavior as it does with convenience.

Users seem to frequently choose direct purchase over coins, and with so many coins floating around from everything mentioned above, its not shocking that Topps keeps going back to it. Additionally, so many people have a hoard of dupe accounts that they use to funnel cards, that the economy is even further in decline.

Bottom line, if people dont buy coins, Topps doesnt make money. However, many wont buy coins unless they are out, so its a vicious circle that almost needs a course correction or intervention from the team. There are also frequent posts from the community arguing that sets havent been as interesting as of late, which is also something that might need some attention. Although personally I feel that set quality has been quite good as of late, complaints are louder than support.

In terms of course correction, here are some of the ways I would go about it:

  • Coin Drain Base Variant – It used to be that green, spectrum and faction packs would hit and people could spend 300k on 500 coin packs because they wanted to stock up. I would think that putting out a base variant card with a rare chase pack prize when its pulled would do wonders.
  • Coin Drain Insert Set – Reflections remains one of the most valuable inserts out there because you had to pull a certain card to get access to the pack. If Topps chose the right source material, I feel like a setup like this could be very helpful. Its sole purpose may be to drain the coins from users, but if the wow factor is there, its a big win for everyone.
  • Hoarded Insert Set – The community likes hoarding, and sets like Illustrated and Space Paintings are popular because you have to hoard the inserts to get access to the variants. The current posters set is similar, but there is an element of unknown to the size of the hoard needed to get the color inserts. If done the right way with the right set, this could be insane.
  • Super Rare No Variant Set – Another reason why Reflection has so much value is because it was tough to get, looked awesome, and had NO VARIANTS. If the community was forced to chase a card at high odds with no variants, I think it could do some damage to the hoarded coins.
  • Permanent Hoarding Base Packs – Create a pack that houses only white base and make it available permanently. I think that base have become very much more valuable in recent weeks with the golds, and this is a way to drain the coins on something that so many people are desperate for.

The point to all of this is that there has to be an abandonment of direct purchase for a while to ensure the coins are gone. If the market is regulated, and the coins are drained, the economy might recover. That’s not saying that a one time drain is all that is needed to fix things, but a frequent incidence of these tactics will prevent the economy from dropping even further.

Direct purchase is convenient and it makes a lot of money if done the right way. At the same time, the negative effects can be enormous.  The team has to be responsible with its usage, if not only because of the perception the community has. Topps might not even want to address this issue, if not only because so many people just decide to buy the card instead of rip packs with the hope of pulling.

I dont think we are at a point of panic yet, and we might not even be close. There are too many things that can be solved with more attention from the users and more attention from the app’s staff and support. If a critical eye is placed on how to improve user experience while still hitting daily targets, I think the community’s feedback might soften. Im still having fun, and I dont see that changing anytime soon. I know that might not be the case for everyone, but I urge readers to think about it from both sides of the coin.

Topps is a business, and that is never going to be different. Its not worth complaining that they are doing things to increase revenue – that’s their main purpose. However, talking about the issues without solutions is just complaining, and I think we have seen that this type of communication doesnt work. Lend your own voice, but also find ways to be constructive. Your points dont fall on deaf ears, but your complaints will have a deafer ear than a well thought out discussion.

Im sure there are a million suggestions people have, so this is your time to get on twitter and share your voice in a way that isnt adversarial. I think we all want things to be copacetic, so that we can continue our enjoyment of the game. Its time to make that the purpose of our voice.

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How Have Gold Variants Changed the Base Economy?

We have all had our moments of curiosity surrounding how the team would approach hoarding in the app. Last year, we saw both Pink cards offered for golds, and the monuments for whites. This year, we have no promises of anything major, but we do have our first systemic recognition that SOMETHING is coming. The question now becomes, what do the Gold cards mean in the grand scheme of things?

Series 3 gold


With Series 1 and 2, hoarding became a large part of what SWCT’s community found the most interesting part of the game. There were two major hoard targets as both had some very valuable rewards for completing a large hoard. The first are the monuments, which could be had by shredding 5500 whites to claim the prize. You would get your name on the back of the card, which is something I find extremely cool. The second target focused on hoarding Golds, which by the end of the chase, required 70 to shred for 1 of 10 pink parallels.

Card trader monument

Gold Cards Create a Feeding Frenzy

The first of the Gold cards was released last week, and required 100 white base cards to be shredded. Because the white base for most characters are already in the hundreds of thousands, it wasnt hard to find trading partners who were more than willing to part with their unneeded base in exchange for the people they hoard.

Luckily for me, I had at least 4 copies of all the Gold releases so far, and happily traded 6:1 on each copy I had. It literally collapsed the trade economy on every one of those characters, as the people who were actually hoarding them had an advantage, but also 1000 new competitors to fight against.


Before the golds started hitting, it was rare to see someone hoarding more than two characters. After the gold, I found quite few individuals who were now hoarding up to 6 characters. I mean, its their choice, and they can choose to spread themselves thin knowing that the golds are inevitable for popular characters.

At the same time, I would also have to guess that a few things are going to happen:

  • As white base card count increases, so will the number of whites required to get the gold.
  • As we progress through Series 3, there are parallels that will require a LARGE amount of white base or other parallels similar to the monuments last time.
  • Its still going to be tough to hit the thresholds required for any monument style chases, and it will likely require the user to make a choice on a smaller group of characters.

To believe that the gold releases will keep coming is another question, as they may not have a long enough period of time to get all the characters through the mill. Hoarding an ancillary character to get the gold when it comes can be rewarding if you are part of a small group of people who made the same choice, but it can also be risky. Characters like Slave Leia will be featured, because  4756 people have chosen to hoard her. Bobbajo? Maybe not.

As a result of the golds, its crazy how many trades I have seen declined where they would have been accepted. Instead of people going 1:1 their hoard for yours, now its more of, “well im not sure I want to trade at all. You hit one of my 14 mini hoards.”

That isnt a bad thing overall, as adding value to the economy is always a great thing to see. Even more so when the value is added to cards that are the easiest to get in the game. I have to believe that at some point, people will start to loosen up and the counts will increase enough that you can still hoard characters who havent been featured yet. I just hope my character is done earlier on, so I can get back to trading 1:1.

Again, the question of which characters will get a gold, and which characters (if any) will not get a gold.?

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Huddle Offseason: What Could Be Coming Next?

Today is day 2 of 212 until football comes back. That is a VERY VERY long time. Lucky for us, Huddle will likely continue to produce content through the offseason, including a bunch of stuff over the next few weeks. If you are a Panthers fan, the next phase of the Huddle season is probably not going to be very fun for you. For everyone else, especially those like me still grasping to some semblance of football that is still floating in the air, there is a lot to come.

Super Bowl Champion Set

Denver Broncos fans rejoice! If Huddle is anything like previous years, or anything like Bunt, there will be a celebratory set that should be released shortly. Unlike previous years of Huddle, where content creation was limited because of the required use of head shots, we might get game and celebration photos in this set. I could see this being a guaranteed per pack setup, with a rarer variant that is also available.

Von Miller Super Bowl MVP

Last year, we saw Brady get his due as SB MVP with a signature card that was in packs. It would be awesome to see that again for Von Miller. He played an EPIC game, and deserves to be given a card for us to chase. Its rare that a defensive player can deliver back to back performances like he did, and I would love to get the card.

Super Bowl Parade Set

Again, going off of Bunt, this is a distinct possibility. The parade should be happening in the next day or two, and it would be cool to get content that features the event. Although the NFL might not be as open to the content as MLB was, it would be cool.

NFL Honors Award Winners

I have a feeling this set should be coming as well, as the main awards were announced the night before the Super Bowl. Cam Newton won MVP, Todd Gurley won OROY, and Marcus Peters won DROY. I could see a small set with all the main awards, and Cam MVP card as the set reward for collecting everyone. Last year, Huddle put these cards in the base pack, and they were IMPOSSIBLE pulls. The Aaron Rodgers MVP card ended up with only 10 copies. Would be cool to see that type of chase again.

Brett Favre HOF Card

As far as I know, Favre is the only 2016 inductee that Huddle has released cards for. I could see Stabler, Pace, Harrison, and Greene eventually entering the fray, but Favre is clearly the biggest name on the list. It would be cool to see him honored like Bunt did with their HOF. They may not be able to use the HOF logo, but Im sure there is a way to make it work.

2016 NFL Moments

The Packers’ hail mary, Kam Chancellor’s forced fumble to seal the win against Detroit, Cam Newton doing a somersault as he lands in the endzone, Peterson’s 49 yard TD on 4th and 1 versus the Broncos, Martavis Bryant in the endzone in the playoffs, Janis saves the Packers again on the Hail Mary, followed by Larry Fitzmagic! All worth chasing down some pictures and using them for a set. im sure Odell Beckham has a million different catches that can have a card.

2016 Best of Huddle

Through every week, we have gotten a best of Huddle set that is awarded to the best points players each week. For the final release, I would love to get a set that has the Best of Huddle at every main position. Celebrate the best point scorers at QB, RB, WR, TE, DL, LB, DB and so on. This would be a great way to get everything wrapped up and tie it all together.

Again, this season was awesome. I had more fun than I could have even put into words at the beginning of the chase. Huddle’s new look and new capabilities paid off and then some for people like me, and I am pumped up to see what happens as we enter the next phase.

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On the 50: Breaking Down Huddle’s Super Bowl Releases

Let me start off by saying that Super Bowl 50 might have been the best time I have had on Huddle, ever. Thanksgiving was amazing, but this was an EVENT. Topps Digital has been known to do some awesome things when the different sports have their biggest day, and yesterday was no exception. Here are some thoughts on the releases.

Super Bowl Contest Card Prizes


I have mentioned before how much I love the playoff contest sigs. I almost wish this was the sig design for the whole year, as the cards are THAT cool. Seeing that the contest card prizes were special Super Bowl 50 versions of the contest sigs was amazing. Adding in the 3 other cards was just icing on the cake. I am a huge fan of the Super Bowl team card designs, and getting Steve Young, Greg Olsen and Demarcus Ware was a big win for all the people who played along. This was the biggest contest of the year, and the entries reflected it. Because the premium contest entry fee was basically 20 bucks (100k bundle is 19.99), they needed to go big. Luckily for everyone, they did that and then some.

Verdict: Game Winning Touchdown

Huddle Dynasties


When I saw these cards, my jaw literally dropped. I could not believe how cool of an idea this was, and I am enthralled by the way they turned out. Even though they dont have the rights for all the players that probably needed to be on some of the cards, it didnt matter in the slightest. These were some of the most premium cards of the year, and boy are they insane. This is a crazy set to put together, and its clear that the cost to acquire all of the cards is high. It should be that way, though. These cards need to be incredible, to represent all of the legend based cards Huddle has released during the year. Legends are premium players, and I have no issue with the cost being so high. If I was able to own one of the cards, I would want the count as low as possible to maintain the aura. I think that the format of the release accomplished that. Although the 5k packs likely resulted in a few lucky rippers, it wont be enough to matter.

Verdict: 99 yard TD

Super Bowl Game Boosts


Ok, I get why people were upset. Huddle definitely went nuts releasing so many of them, with boosts reaching into the 50x range. Before we get into the sale of these cards, lets start by saying the boosts made very little difference. I was able to finish in the top prize tier and I didnt even rip the 25 and 50x boost packs. I only pulled one 15x and it was defense. The person who won the post season contest did so by a wide points margin, and many of the top boosts finished with a 0 count or a 1 count. They meant nothing in the general outcome of the game as a whole. As for the way they were released, it was clear that Topps wanted to maximize the spending, and take advantage of the urgency to win the coolest contest prizes ever offered in the app. Considering they are a business, this should not surprise anyone. Is it a way to get us to spend more money? Of course it is. Bottom line, half the app will leave for the offseason in a few days, and I dont blame them at all for trying to get people to open their wallets before that happens. They gotta pay the bills. Ill give it to the fans, they have a reason to be upset, but in the grand scheme of things, it meant very little.

Verdict: Turnover

Super Bowl Dual Signature – Manning and Newton


If you have a dual sig in your collection already, you know how tough they were to get. They were only available in the Legend boxes, and even then you had 50/50 shot at getting one at 900k a rip. This one is easily the coolest dual sig of the year, and though it wont be even close to as valuable as the others, the cool factor is enough to make it worth picking up. I wish this wasnt so easy to pull to maintain value, but I dont think a price tag would have mattered. These cards have a reputation, and I know a lot of individuals who went nuts tracking down the variant. This was easily the most popular card of the playoffs in terms of packs being ripped, and that is no joke.

Verdict: Touchdown

Brett Favre and Barry Sanders Legend 1/1


If you arent familiar with how important the 1/1 was to Huddle this year, you must not have been playing the right game. These kind of cards ran ruled the roost, and to see them release the first (and possibly only) Legend 1/1s was a nuclear bomb going off. Its hard to equate the chase to anything, because Favre lasted all of 5 minutes. Someone definitely won the lottery there, and that is no joke. I saw people offering close to $1k for the card in the article, and I would guess it gets a pretty penny. I dont think there is any card in the game right now that could be traded for these.

Verdict: Long Touchdown

Huddle Mixed Chase


This was the yearly halftime release, and it was an interesting choice for a time where many of the points players were finally able to catch a break and maybe rip a few packs. Taking the top designs of the year and retooling them with Panthers and Broncos players was intriguing, but maybe it just fell a little flat because of all the crazy stuff that was flying around the app during Saturday and Sunday. If this was released during the week? Sure, it would have been pretty popular. But when you put rehashed designs up against Dynasties, well, its just not fair.

Verdict: Field Goal

Super Bowl Heroes Mini Chase


I loved this set dropping periodically through weeks since thanksgiving. Not only were many of the players some of the best in the NFL’s long history, but the design was top notch. Obviously, releasing 49 cards among all the other stuff was going to be tough, so compressing the final ones into a mini chase isnt a bad idea. The biggest win was the pack price, as these could be had at 2500 coins, instead of the normal 10k. At almost 75% off what the others were selling for, with a Lynch sig at the end is very nice. Ill take that any day of the week.

Verdict: Touchdown

Kuechly and Miller Inception and Valor


Huddle decided to go back to this well again, and this time as a way to highlight the top defensive players in the game – including the MVP Von Miller. Although I like both the sets, this just felt like the cards were left out of the mixed chase. The cards are cool, but I just didnt see a reason to dive in for 50k knowing that the cards would never be very valuable.

Verdict: Punt

Gametime – Manning, Miller, Kuechly, Newton


These cards have been running through the playoffs, and it was cool to see the culmination in the last game of the year. The design remains one of the better playoff designs, and I doubt that anyone complained about a 10x boost that was in a guaranteed pack for 50k. These easily could have been offered at an increased price, and I think we got a break with all the game only boost stuff that was going on. Overall, this set as a whole was a big winner for the last few months, and I hope that it comes back again next year.

Verdict: Touchdown

Now that the season is over, its time to get ready for 2016 Bunt. Before that happens, we will definitely get some champion cards, along with the award winners from NFL Honors. Dont leave quite yet if you want a shot at any of the releases like that. Its going to be quite interesting to see how things play out with Huddle over the offseason, and whether or not things go down similar to Bunt. Either way, I had a lot of fun last offseason with the live cards for the draft, and a lot of the experimental sets they are going to play with.

Overall, this was a great year of Huddle. One to remember. Im sad its over, but I am happy to put a bow on a lot of the great stuff they released during the year. This was a Super Bowl unlike any other, and when you see how much better things are now that its not “The Big Game”, you start to appreciate how great it all is.



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Huddle Super Bowl: Gearing Up for the Biggest Game of the Year

I cant believe the NFL season is over tomorrow. It just doesnt seem fair that football season just seems to fly by without any warning. This season has been an absolute blast in Huddle, and its only fitting that some of the coolest cards of the year are hitting the app this week. Here is a breakdown of the different sets.

Super Bowl Chrome (Red and Gold Variants)


I absolutely love the look of this set. Not only do the cards look very interesting in the way the players are framed, but the name plates and borders feature some pretty cool effects. These are so different than the base playoff set that it makes them that much more special. Although I wish they had done Blue Variants for the Broncos and Teal Variants for the Panthers instead of red, the cards still look awesome.

If you are going to get anywhere close to the top 25 tomorrow, you are going to need to chase down as many of the variant cards as you can. The red set will get you an awesome Steve Young sig, but Greg Olsen, Demaryius Thomas, Jonathan Stewart, and Emmanuel Sanders will get you the points. Peyton Manning and Cam Newton will be the highest VALUE collection cards in the set, but they are not going to come even close to getting you the same amount of points in the Premium contest as the receivers and running backs will.

Super Bowl Boxes Contest


This is actually a really fun idea that I havent seen anywhere in any of the apps. Each of the Gold Variants score at 9x, and they also represent a box. If you get Peyton Manning, your Broncos box is 8. If you get Cam Newton, your Panthers box is 1. That means if the score ends in 8 or 1 for those respective teams at the end of the quarter, you get a prize. The prizes arent bad either! Packs of red variants, which are extremely tough pulls, coins or even a sig of the winning team if you hit the right boxes by the end of the game.

This is a Super Bowl tradition for many groups of friends and Super Bowl parties, and I think its really cool to use it in Huddle. The cards are 10 bucks a piece and are not able to be traded, so you will have to buy in to get access to the contest.

Super Bowl Celebrations


There are a number of cards released already that celebrate the championships, but nothing like this. These cards all feature photos from the on field celebrations, which are definitely memorable parts of the winning team’s experience. The cards are easy pulls, and the set is pretty easy to put together. It has legends and active players, and its nice when the cards arent too tough to get a hold of.

Super Bowl Go Boosts – TBD

Right now, the go boosts are still yet to be released, but they are definitely coming. Last year’s big game go boosts still trade very well, mainly because of how difficult they were to get. If the current trends continue, the Go Boosts should end up being the most powerful cards of the year.

They should be a minimum of 10x based on progressions of the previous playoff rounds, and though there will likely not be 40x cards like last year, its not a bad thing. Im still hoping that they will feature a new design, but I would guess they will use the same design as last week.

Super Bowl Game Content – TBD


Last year, Huddle released new cards during the game, and they ended up being some pretty amazing looking programs. They had Ginter parallax sigs, Lightning boosts, dragon boosts, and Future Stars parallax sigs. These cards were crazy popular, and like the rest of the “Big Game” releases, still trade very well.

Im not sure specifically what they have up their sleeve, but I would love to see what they have planned. Hopefully Sunday becomes as big of an event as it has been in previous years, as I think there will be some very nice traffic above the normal crowd.

I hope you guys are ready, as its clear that people are gearing up like nobody has ever geared up. Remember, there are physical prizes on the line, so if you are getting ready, this is the time to dive in.

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