Thanksgiving Comes a Bit Early – Sig Series Set Release!

I posted earlier this week on all the fun stuff that is likely going to be happening with the upcoming holiday(s), and looks like we are getting our first taste today. With the next four days clearly signaling one of the biggest weeks of football during the season, I am excited to see what happens.

Here is what we know:

  • There will be a signature series released every day (4 in total)
  • There will be a variant signature series released every day (4 in total)
  • If you collect all four, you will get the fifth card, which is Kaepernick
  • The fourth card in the set will also count towards Week 11-17 sig set, which will likely mean it could be a 100-150 count card. Im hoping they all remain at least 200.
  • The first card in the set is Mark Sanchez (200 count)

Guys, I am completely serious when I say that this is going to be big all week. If you only have so much money to spend, wait for them to release something you really want. If you are a bigger spender, start gearing up.


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Gridiron Unwrapped – Reward Card Edition 11/25

YES! Its here. After weeks of waiting, the award cards are here! There were some big surprises this time around, including a 5x boost and a special design to signify the cards are rewards. I think that waiting definitely paid off.

Jordy Nelson Signature Series Reward


Count: 129
Playability: football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322
Collectability: Extreme

This is awesome. Nelson is not only at or near the top of every receiving category in the NFC, but he is on a team that is destined to make a long playoff run. Even though 5x is no longer the boost that it once was, it will still add tremendous value to this card. 73% of the people who pulled the lowest count sig (Luck), were able to complete the set, definitely above the 38% of the people who got Lynch the first time around. I am still happy though, as the 5x boost definitely makes up for it. The Gold is the icing on the cake, and I think a lot of people are goin going to be happy with this card.

Calvin Johnson POTW Reward


Count: 31
Playability: football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322
Collectability: Extreme

Megatron is always going to have name recognition, which applies here. Although he didnt have great weeks 6-10, he will be a valuable card for Turkey Day and coming up. The Lions are still primed to make a playoff push, and a 5x boost of their top receiver will be nice.

Tom Brady MNS Reward


Count: 73
Playability: football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322
Collectability: Extreme

Gotta love this card, it looks awesome. Brady has been one of the top quarterbacks since week 2, and I am sure there are a lot of people who are beyond excited that he is the reward. As an MVP candidate whose team is going to be the number one seed, this card will be amazing at 5x in the playoffs.

Rob Gronkowski EC Reward


Count: 116
Playability: football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322
Collectability: Extreme

The Pats are looking like the best team in the league right now, and Gronk is finally getting back to his normal evolved form. At 116, this is still a very nice card, and also means that like Nelson, a higher count was achieved because of the delayed timeframe. 58% of the people who got Denard Robinson got Gronk, but again, the 5x more than makes up for that.

Aaron Rodgers FC Reward


Count: 154
Playability: football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322
Collectability: Extreme

Im pretty shocked at how low this card is. Many of the FC cards are still in packs, and to see that there are only 154 of these Rodgers is insane. Being that he is playing out of his mind right now, I think this was a huge win for the set card, as like Jordy, he will be a top player in the post season.

Ben Roethlisberger Golden Moments Reward


Count: 141
Playability: football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322
Collectability: Extreme

I expected this count to be much lower, especially because Bradford was low count at 350. GMs had high coin bonuses almost from week 6 on, so I was expecting them to stay more spread out with people holding them. This is a good card to have at 5x, as the Steelers are still in the hunt and Ben can score like mad.

Odell Beckham Jr RS Award


Count: 78
Playability: football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322
Collectability: Extreme+

First off, I know this card was done ahead of his most recent performance. Secondly, this could not be more timely. Although he will not be in the playoffs, he has arguably become one of the most popular rookies in a very short period of time. At 5x this will be his highest boosted card. At 78, it is crazy low count. A recipe for success.

Dez Bryant Black VIP Pink Boost


Count: 118
Playability: football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322
Collectability: Extreme

When the VIP rewards were announced back in the beginning of November, people were livid that another black boost was going to be the reward. Well, they listened to our feedback and gave us a REALLY good pink card. The Bryant will be a very hard card to get, but should score some major points just in time for Thanksgiving.

Jamaal Charles VIP Valor 5x Boost


Count: 549
Playability: football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322
Collectability: Extreme

Gold getting a 5x boost? Awesome. That VIP boost is Jamaal Charles? Even more awesome. I think that Huddle has recognized the need to ensure that people get some make goods when things are relatively late, and this Charles card is definitely amazing. It not only looks cool, but is ultra playable at 5x. Well done.

I think we have all had a good week of huddle right? Cant wait to see what they have planned for Thursday.

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Huddle Tip of the Day – Thanksgiving and What to Expect

Thanksgiving week is upon us, and that means two things – Football and food comas. Turkey day has always been one of my favorite holidays, and I am going to say that Huddle has already pledged to make it that much more interesting. I have an inkling that if you are going to spend money on this game, this week is the time to do it.

Thanksgiving Last Year

Last year was big for huddle as it will be this year. Not only was there a release of one of the first true insert sets in the game, but also the first package deal card that gave people a reward for buying coins. Obviously, these two things have paved the way for a lot of what has evolved in Huddle over the last year and a half, so you can bet that we might be getting a lot more than that come this week.

What To Expect

We saw a reveal for the next color of boosts yesterday, and no doubt, they will be a part of Thanksgiving. I would expect at minimum another set or two to chase, including some bundle purchase cards that will probably correspond to the games being played. That would mean some pretty big names up for grabs, and at 7x, worth chasing for the playoff push that many of the teams will have. So far, almost all the teams playing thursday have a legit shot at the playoffs, and that is a great situation for us to be in.

Im also guessing there will either be a special commemorative set, and/or a Golden Moment celebrating something that happened on Thanksgiving for an active player. The commemorative set will have carried over from last year, which was one of the better looking sets all year.

I wouldnt be shocked if there was some release of a Triple Sig, or something like that, as its clear that the big names playing would be hot enough to generate a card like that. Either way, I think we can assume that there will be some sort of ultra limited card, as Thursday has regularly come to be a big day in huddle.

Lastly, there was a coin sale last year, and a pack sale to boot, if I remember correctly. This is something that many of the users would love, and is a way to help sell all of the stuff I just mentioned.

Throwdown Slate

Being that Thursday is usually a throwdown day, I think we can expect some major fireworks. I usually get the boosts that will be offered ahead of time, but this time it has been quiet. That means that something big is likely in the works. We might have our first FULL day throwdown, or even three separate ones – all with special Turkey day boosts.

Bottom line, other than the Super Bowl, this will likely shape up to be the one biggest day of the year for Huddle. Not only is it a game where much of the user base is off of work/school, but also a period where so many of us are playing along.

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Throwdown Primer 11/20 – Breaking Down Tonight’s Game Boosts!

Here we go again! Its thursday today, which means another throwdown is coming up! This time we have one team who seems to be playing awfully well, and another team whose play can only be described with some very colorful language.

Here is a sneak preview of tonight’s Game Only Boosts!

Jamaal Charles – KC 7x

Its no secret that he has been on an absolute tear as of late. Not only has he run for some nice yardage, but he has averaged a TD per game with receiving yards in tow. The Raiders’ run defense, led by top pick Khalil Mack has been quite good, but this Chiefs team is still going to make them look silly. Charles will be a big factor.

Verdict: Vital Piece

Travis Kelce – KC 7x

Being a great pass catching tight end is quickly becoming crowded at the top. Rob Gronkowski may lead the way, but Kelce has had a great year so far. Alex Smith isnt the type of QB to drive the ball down field, which means his TEs are valuable weapons. Kelce also has no cards in the game yet, so this is a chance for those Chiefs collectors to get their hands on their guy.

Verdict: Worth Picking Up

Derek Carr – OAK 7x

Despite being the 4th QB taken in this year’s draft, Carr was the only one to start in week one. He has struggled throughout the season, but his supporting cast hasnt helped him much either. He has shown flashes of brilliance, including a 4 TD game earlier this year, but this could be a long night for him. Obviously because I am writing this, he will go off. He only has one other card in the game, so that will make this GO boost pretty valuable at the 3x when it is over.

Verdict: Worth Picking Up

James Jones – OAK 7x

Listen, there just arent many guys on Oakland that are worth having as one of these cards. James Jones is one of the only Raiders receivers that has done okay this year, and I am not surprised he got the nod with McFadden having so many issues. Of the four guys today, he is the weakest, but he is always good for a few catches here and there.

Verdict: Low Priority

Honorable Mentions:

Alex Smith – Since turning the ball over 3 times in the first game, he has only had 2 other turnovers this year. His only knock is that he doesnt bring a dynamic element to the offense.

Darren McFadden – Without a good offensive line, both he and his buddies have had a VERY tough time running the ball.

GOOD LUCK tonight everyone!

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Huddle Tip of the Day – What Are the Best Packs to Buy Now?

A month or so ago, I posted on my thoughts for what pack is the best bet for users to buy on a regular basis. Since that time, we have had a bit of a shift in game, with boosts becoming rightfully more rare, and ultra rare inserts coming around. I wanted to revisit the packs for each type of player.

Points Players

Best Packs: Blue Boost Pack
Cost: 12500 coins
Cards: 5
Odds: 40% SR 60% SCR
Best cards to chase: Rare Blue Boosts

Here is my suggestion on these packs, because you no longer have the luxury of being able to buy them at any point. You really have to be strategic, and I have pretty much got this down. Dont buy when they release the first card in a set. Buy right after the fourth/fifth card is released. The sets usually are released 4-5 days per week, with Breaks on Saturday and Sunday. Monday night boosts and thursday night boosts correspond to the teams in the game, which make them an even better buy for people playing for points.

Now, I get that its harder to pull the boosts now, but at the same token, its no longer 20k coins for 9.99. With the added coins to the bundle, you should be able to get a few more packs and if you open at the right time, you should be able to get one of the new cards per bundle. Because these cards are much more rare, you can trade them for some really nice higher level boosts. Dont hold onto your ultra rare Blue version of someone when you can get the Orange or Sky Blue version for cheaper. Set collectors will pay through the nose for the rare blues, and that means you should take advantage when you have them.


Best packs: Extra Point
Cost: 1000
Cards: 1
Odds: Normal Odds
Best cards to chase: Weekly Inserts

I cant believe I am writing this. I really cant, but the Cult of the Loosie has turned me. Basically, here is the situation. With each weekly insert, there is a growing contingent of people who go straight to the loosie 1 card + inserts pack that costs a measley 1000 coins per pack. Because odds are basically the same for the one card as they are for the 5 card, you can get more out of the loosie in SOME specific cases.

The prime time to open this pack is RIGHT after the newest weekly insert is released. DO NOT open this pack a long time afterwards. You want to ride the wave of people opening at the same time, as the wheel of cards will cycle faster back to the line of inserts. If you do it when nothing is new, it will literally be you cycling alone, and you will have to open pack after pack.

At 1000 a pop, you can open like 50 of them at a time with one bundle purchase. I have seen these packs go on runs, where every other card is an insert because so many people are opening like crazy. My only advice? If you open a loosie, open at least 10 in a row. If you hit an insert, open a few more at least.

Even if you dont chase the weekly inserts, the coin rewards are big enough that you can trade it for something you need. If you dont subscribe to this theory, I understand – I didnt either. I didnt get why people would voluntarily give up a 5th card every five packs (4 loosie packs for 4000 gets you 4 cards, the high five for 4000 gets you 5 cards), but after pulling close to 20 of the weekly inserts over the last few weeks, im sold.

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Huddle Tip of the Day – Gearing Up for the Playoffs!

I hate to write this post. I hate that the NFL Season is coming to a close already. There are only a few weeks left, but you can get a head start before the majority of the users understand what is going on. If the post season in Bunt is any indication, there is going to be a big party for the playoffs, and this is your two minute warning.

The best thing to do right now is to consider the players that you know will likely be making a playoff push. This situation is especially so in trading for the higher boosts, as its clear that the teams who make it will be that much more valuable. You dont want to be the guy who is on the outside looking for a way in. Around week 16, people will start unloading their guys for teams who arent going to be playing, and if you get going now, you can be ahead.

There are two specific issues to be conscious of, and both are extremely important to consider. First, we can be confident that there will likely be HUGELY boosted cards coming into focus for the playoffs, as there were in Bunt. This doesnt mean your cards will be worthless, but the value will be diminished if it happens. The thing is, we dont know how much the boosts will be in play, so it could be that the 6x pink may still be near the top.

The second issue is that the post season chase will likely be separate from the regular season chase. This means that you might not want to handcuff your performance for weeks 11-17 just because you want to perform in the playoffs.

More consideration should be placed on the fact that more people will be playing along for the playoffs, because there arent as many games. This means that it will be harder to finish among the top players, as more people will be competing. On the other hand, a harder competitive balance only lends itself more to picking up the cards early on.

Here are the teams I would go hard into:

  • Cardinals: Ellington, Floyd, Fitzgerald
  • Patriots: Brady, Gronkowski, Edelman
  • Broncos: Manning, Dem Thomas, Julius Thomas
  • Packers: Rodgers, Lacy, Nelson, Cobb
  • Colts: Luck, Hilton, Wayne
  • Cowboys: Murray, Witten, Bryant

Stay ahead of the game, and you will see how easy it can be to pull things off.

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Throwdown Primer – 11/17: Breakdown of Tonight’s Game Boosts!

Welcome to another throwdown, and this one should be interesting – more for its blowout potential than for its ramifications on the NFL playoff picture. Pittsburgh, despite the loss to a horrible Jets team, is still very much in the hunt, and Tennessee is not great. Not a good combination for the Titans.

Ben Roethlisberger – PIT 7x (200)

Even though his team didnt perform against the Jets, Roethlisberger has put up a monster season so far. Unlike the Jets, who’s pass rush and defense isnt horrible, Tennessee is definitely not worth much on the other side of the Ball. I would expect Big Ben to have a BIG game.

Huddle is trying something new tonight with varied numbering on the boosts, and that might factor into some of the value we are going to see in these cards. The number in parentheses is representing the card count.

Verdict: Vital Piece

Antonio Brown – PIT 7x (150)

This could get ugly if Brown can get going. He has 5 catches in every game this year it seems, and with the Tennessee defensive backs being nothing to write home about, Brown has serious potential to go off.

Verdict: Vital Piece

Bishop Sankey – TEN 7x (100)

The one thing that Mr. Sankey Leg has going for him is that he has no other cards in the game. However, the Pitt rush defense has very little room for a huge game, which should be concerning. Similarly, the whole offensive situation in Tennessee is concerning on their own, which is a big issue.

Verdict: Low Priority

Zack Mettenberger – TEN 7x (175)

Another rookie signal caller, Mettenberger has looked the part most of the time he has been in. I dont think he is going to have a break tonight, and that’s no joke. You know things are bad when you have to pick Zack Mettenberger as the GO boost for this game. When you think about it, there is literally no one else. Justin Hunter and Nate Washington both are not making it super easy on him.

Verdict: LOW Priority

Honorable Mentions:

Martavis Bryant (PIT) – Even though he was inactive for the first few weeks, he has emerged as one of the brightest deep threat options on a team that already has Brown.

Le’Veon Bell (PIT) – He hasnt had the best games as of late, but will likely do well tonight.

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