Reliving the Huddle Glory: Super Bowl LII Mega Pack Bonanza

I have beat a drum about super premium content in Topps Huddle all year long. For the duration of the 2018 season, it seemed like Huddle (and the other sports apps for that matter) had stayed far away from delivering crazy premium content, save a few examples. When those examples, like Inception, hit the sheet, they literally sold out in minutes. Not figuratively, literally.

We were so starved for this content that it became more about getting the strategy team at Huddle to understand the need, rather than just begging for some sick looking cards. I had emailed them a few times, talking about the desire to bring back the previously abandoned strategies of 2016 and 2015, at least in a way that was in balance with the new way. It cant hurt to appease all levels of participation in the app, and with digital content delivery only limited by the time it takes to design it, there isnt any demand on stock to actually make the set structure work. I mean, its not like you have to have players sign more cards or procure more game used jerseys like the physical team does. The only drain on any resource is time.

Over the last two weeks, we have seen them appease my requests a bit, dropping an absolutely AWESOME set in Valor and a pretty incredible Super Bowl base set. Yesterday, however, we got the fireworks display we have been waiting for all year.

The Super Bowl Mega pack delivered on every last little level of my complaint, and brought back some tremendous cards from previous years along the way. It also delivered some incredible live signature content as well, all with super low counts and a shot at some of the best 1/1s you can get in the app.

Booklet Cards

Drew Brees Topps Huddle In the Name

Lets start with the booklet cards, which are easily some of my favorites. It was great to see them move beyond the Eagles and Patriots, especially to see that every bigger name in the app, save Brady was represented at a pretty good clip. The booklets were dynamic, low count, and stunning collection pieces.

I wish they would do this a tad more frequently, while still saving the design for something a bit more special. I dont want them to go nuts, but for sets like Inception, it would be a great addition. Even more so if they were all individually serially numbered.

Topps Heritage

Todd Gurley Topps Heritage Huddle

This was unexpected and fun. Each team got a card, and the retro look with the signature worked really well. These were a great chase for people who wanted all 32, and considering that a 52 count card was the highest you could pull, that was pretty impressive.

Live Signature Relics

Topps Huddle Adrian Peterson Live Signature Relic

I absolutely loved the idea of adding special live sig content like this. Not only did they choose fan favorite designs, but they were low count and had huge names attached. It was a bit diluted with live signature content being released an hour earlier, but it still worked because of the designs they chose.

1/1 Signature Variants

Adam Thielen Topps Huddle Playoff signature

We already got a dose of these earlier in the year, but adding in the playoff version along side the regular ones was awesome. I love chasing cards like this, and with such a great design this year, was happy these cards were also included.

1/1 Superfractors

Topps Huddle Aaron Rodgers Superfractor

These cards were some of the most valuable cards in the app during 2016, and Im very happy they brought them back for 2017 as well. More importantly, these cards werent added in the boost section of the sheet, which means they were proudly displayed with all the other 1/1s available. I love these cards, and was happy when I pulled a few.

Again, this type of content should not be forgotten. This type of release structure CANNOT be forgotten. I hope they do something like this around the draft, and at the very least make a huge box release at least once a quarter.

Overall, I think this has been a good season for Huddle, but not a great one. The designs were seriously on point, and the addition of motion cards was definitely awesome. However, the overall strategic approach for this year left me yearning for 2016 and 2015, where the premium content was overkill, but still present. This takes away some of the burn, but man, so much potential wasted by avoiding it until now.

If I were running the show, I would already be developing a strategic approach to the Draft and Combine that mirrored 2016 and 2015, as we saw a huge gap emerge over the offseason this year. Hopefully these challenges dont continue to be a factor, but you never know.



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