Its Go Time: Get Ready for Super Bowl 52 in Huddle

Ah yes, here we are. The last game of the year, and also the biggest day of the season for Huddle. This is always an event, and much like we have seen in previous years, 2017 is likely to go out with a huge bang. This is going to be a marathon, so be careful in the way you approach some of the first few sets of the day.

Rising Boost Levels


Yesterday’s Super Bowl set brought the largest boosts of the year in 25x, as well as another shot at some very nice 20x sigs. With Brady and Foles being a major focal point for people who are looking to get ahead in the limited switch contests, I would guess more of them are on the way. This is along side some likely boosts that could rise as high as 52x, as we have had some crazy ones in previous Super Bowls at that level. If you are a contest player, save your moves for that reason and keep an eye on the article feed.

Fan Favorite Sets

I have to believe a few things are coming based on my previous experience in the big game, and this year should be no exception. The first is 2018 booklets, which I am surprised took this long to be released. Its one thing to preserve the unique cards for the biggest stage, its another to completely avoid them. Either way, these cards will be among the hottest cards of the year, especially if there are low numbered variants.

The main issue is the conspicuous absence of Tom Brady signature cards. At this point, its all but guaranteed that Huddle cannot make them, which is so bizarre I cant even put it into words. As part of the NFLPA and NFLP licenses, Tom Brady should be included in those deals for use of his likeness and signature. Not sure what happened, but its put a damper on things.


Hopefully the Huddle team makes up for it with some great legend content and non-super bowl team content, as Foles is just not going to carry the load in that way, even if he throws for 5 TDs.

I would also expect that Brave the Elements, or some sort of motion card comes into play, as its clear that this new feature is one that both the fans love and one that brings a lot of value to the packs. It would be awesome to see some Super Bowl themed versions or maybe even some crazy signature ones that are offered for the first time.

Future Considerations

After the Super Bowl is over, the next few weeks are also quite important for collectors, as we will see a good amount of Super Bowl content that also drops during that time frame.

Things like the Super Bowl champions set and other big collection pieces like Limited for players who have low numbers are usually released during this period. I could also see NFL Honors make an appearance, or at least cards that commemorate the awards given out last night.

Because of player licensing, I dont think the recent HOF class will get a lot of love, which is super unfortunate, but I do expect a lot of legend content and some of the bigger physical digitized sets too.

Bottom line, get ready to rock, as this is one of the most amazing times to be a part of the digital card community. Other apps have great playoff content, but because the championships come in series and not games, it becomes a multi day affair. This is different with a one game winner take all.

Have fun everyone and enjoy the final day of the year!

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