Star Wars Card Trader Insert Value Guide

This page is meant to provide some color on the value of certain insert cards. As more are released, this page will be updated frequently. Please let me know if you have any questions.

With SWCT being insert focused, and so many people looking for ways to determine value, here are my thoughts on which cards are looking to be the top in the game. Of course, there will be many different opinions, and feedback is welcomed!

Top Star Wars Non-Base Inserts (Common Version Only – UPDATED 9/21/15):

  1. Vintage Collection: Han in the Millennium Falcon (1500 copies)
  2. Widevision Collection: Help Me Obi-Wan! (1500 copies)
  3. Billy Dee Williams Signature Series Gold Version (300 Copies)
  4. Billy Dee Williams Unsigned Preview Card (60 Copies)
  5. Billy Dee Williams Signature Series (500 Copies)
  6. Nightbrothers: Maul (1000 copies)
  7. Connections Collection: Darth Sidious and Darth Maul (1000 copies)
  8. Vintage Collection: Grand Moff Tarkin (2000 copies)
  9. Widevision Collection: Duel of the Fates (1999 copies)
  10. Vintage Collection: Boba Fett Attacks (2250 copies)

Top Star Wars Base Parallel Inserts (UPDATED 10/19/15):

  1. Yoda Pink Parallel (10)
  2. Darth Vader Pink (10)
  3. Ahsoka Tano Pink (10)
  4. Darth Maul Pink (10)
  5. Princess Leia Pink (10)
  6. Padme Amidala Pink (10)
  7. Luke Skywalker Pink (10)
  8. Jango Fett Pink (10)
  9. Qui Gon Jinn Pink (10)
  10. Luke Skywalker Rebel Commander Pink (10)
  11. Han Solo Top 25 Orange Parallel
  12. Darth Maul Monument (Original – 20)
  13. Darth Maul Monument (Make good 1 – 10)
  14. Darth Maul Monument (Make good 2 – 10)

Top Star Wars Award Cards (UPDATED 10/19/15):

  1. Luke Skywalker Elegant Weapons Gold (5)
  2. Kylo Ren Red Die Cut (10)
  3. Widscreen Force Awakens Platinum (16)
  4. Asajj Ventress Nightsisters Black (24)
  5. Yoda Firebrand Rust (17)
  6. Luke Skywalker Jedi Warrior Green (21)
  7. Hoth Planet Gold Parallel (16)

Again, these rankings are solely opinion and may vary person to person based on their needs and their likes/dislikes.


2 Responses to Star Wars Card Trader Insert Value Guide

  1. Beck says:

    The Black Mint Press Cards and Rust Firebrand Cards are currently the hottest cards

  2. Nick says:

    Good insert valuation , I agree with all of them. Only thing I would say is with the base insert value, where do the pink (10) counts fall in?

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