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Dark Side Alert: Watch Out for ‘Hide the Gold”

I really hate writing these posts because I think these types of things are so low that even a Sith Lord likely wouldnt try it. This game is brand new, and has a lot of new players that may not … Continue reading

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Five Reasons to Spend the Offseason With Huddle

If you havent been following along in Huddle since the end of the year, I think you are missing out on a time that you should check out. The offseason may not be as active as it was during the … Continue reading

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2015 Bunt Launch Exclusive: TOPPSMIKE Highlights Brand New Features!

As mentioned earlier today, Bunt is going to be launching their new build in the next few days. With MLB opening day just around the corner, I had a conversation with TOPPSMIKE about some of the amazing new features that … Continue reading

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2015 Bunt Ramp Up: First Previews of the New Season!

As we saw from Tweets posted by the two Bunt producers, the 2015 Bunt Launch could be mere days away. With the season starting VERY shortly, this should be expected, and I could not be more excited. Yesterday Bunt released … Continue reading

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Gridiron Unwrapped: Breaking Down Offseason Huddle Sets

This time of year is brutal for Football fans. No baseball, no football, and the draft is still a month away. I feel for the Huddle designers as well, because they have to find a way to keep people engaged … Continue reading

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2015 Bunt Ramp Up: Tips for the Launch

With Opening Day around the corner, there is likely going to be a lot of action on Bunt in the next few weeks. April 5th is the first edition of Sunday Night Baseball, and I would fully expect Bunt 2015 … Continue reading

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Force Tip of the Day – Collection Score Discussion and New Rankings

Yesterday brought a bit of a surprise, as we saw the gameplay element come to a bit of a revelation for Star Wars Card Trader. Basically, because there is no fantasy sports element available for Star Wars, Topps is using … Continue reading

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Force Tip of the Day: Importance of Character Value

The one thing that always drew me to Star Wars as a kid had a lot to do with what every child aspires to be – someone with awesome powers. Superheroes have become a part of a kid’s upbringing for … Continue reading

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Force Tip of the Day: What Inserts / Cards Are Worth Chasing?

We are now through our first week on the new Star Wars Card Trader, and with it, a number of awesome card releases as I posted about yesterday. I have gotten a lot of questions about the value of certain … Continue reading

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The Force Unwrapped: Breaking Down New Inserts in Star Wars Card Trader

Over the last week, I have been really impressed with the way Topps has figured out how to run an app with no gameplay involved. Being that everything is collection based, they needed to keep people engaged with new content … Continue reading

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