Digital Card Resources

Here is a list of sites that house a lot of information about the different apps. Be sure to check them out:

Bunt Huddle – Forum and News Site

Bunt  – Ranking Bunt Cards via User feedback

Card Dugout Blog and Marketplace – Buy and Sell cards, blog for info

Reddit Star Wars Subreddit – Group of redditors who play SWCT

Digital Card Database – Great place for checklists on Bunt

Star Wars Pack Simulator – check out pack odds in a user created environment, among other resources and checklists

Star Wars Marathon Checklist – great for tracking set progress

Digital Card Marketplace – buy and sell your cards!


1 Response to Digital Card Resources

  1. Scotty Campbell says:

    I was wondering about a digital card release calendar. Do you have any info in where i might be able to find info.
    Thanks for any assistance and efforts.

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