The Bunt List – Week of 4/12: Top Cards of the Week

Top 10 Valuable Cards in the App – As of 4/12:

1. SR Mike Trout Signature Series (100) – 4 star playability – high scoring batter with a rarity that makes this incredibly valuable. He is also the spokesman for the game.

Photo courtesy of Topps Bunt

Photo courtesy of Topps Bunt

2. SR Derek Jeter Signature Series (100) – 2 star playability – lower scoring batter with a very high degree of rarity. Lots of collectors on the app are Yankee fans, which will help it stay valuable in his retirement year.

3. SR Justin Verlander Signature Series (250) – 5 star playability – high scoring pitcher, and a new sig will always push this card up the list. Not as rare as the others, but still valuable.

4. SR Andrew McCutchen Signature Series (500) – 3 star playability – slow start to the season has hurt this card’s playability. But as a signature, it will still be valuable.

5.  SR Hank Aaron Golden Moments (250) – Not playable – The card looks great, and though it doesnt score, its rare as can be. Its already sold out, so collectors will want this bad.

6. SR Mike Trout Future is Now (8) – 4 star playability – Trout is arguably the most popular player in baseball, and this card is brand new. Cool looking insert, with only 8 copies pulled so far. Not sold out, so this will likely drop.

7. SR Mike Trout Saber Star (337) – 4 star playability – Again Trout makes the list – only because you had to collect a set to get this card. Its sold out, so this may be the only valuable Saber Star that exists. The rest have fallen off the value spectrum and can be had for commons in some cases.

8. SR Jose Fernandez Future is Now (258) – 5 star playability – The reason this card is so valuable is because he has only 2 cards in the game. I like this one better because it looks so cool, but its basically interchangeable with the POW card from week.

9. SR Bryce Harper Future is Now (116) – 3 star playability – The reason I put this higher than Puig , who has a lower card count, is because Harper has only 1 other card in the game, both of which are SR. Not a lot of Harper to go around which creates problems for collectors that want a popular player.

10. SR Yasiel Puig Future is Now (21) – 3 star playability –  As more people pull these cards, the value will crash. Same with the other FIN cards. Just the way it is. I would warn against trading the house for these cards.

Falling fast – Cards on their way down

1. All Opening Day cards – now that other inserts have come out, these cards can be traded for commons and boosts. I feel for all the people that traded a ton for these cards.

2. Non-SR Saber Stars – although the SR cards like Cabrera, Cano, and Hernandez still have some nicer value, the common cards are dropping fast. Unfortunate, because these cards are pretty cool. Now that the reward cards have been given out, not many people are collecting them any more.

3. Blomberg Golden Moment – Not a fan of this card, and because no one had heard of him other than the baseball historians of Bunt, he wasnt exactly popular.

On the Rise – Cards to consider chasing

1. SR Gold Pitchers – Now that most of the gamers have found out that the pitchers are the top cards in the game, these cards are now commanding almost 3-1 on SR to SR trades.

2. Bunt on Deck – these cards were given to new players, and immediately sold out. That means that people will want them. Additionally, with attrition rates being higher on newer players, some of these cards may be lost forever once the players leave.

Hot Now – But look out!

Ozzie Smith TBT (676) – As much as I love this card, it will be in packs for a long time from what it looks like. I would be cautious before trading a lot for this card. As more people pull it the value will drop. Im still not sure if it is in the normal SR packs, but if it is, that is not good news for value. If the card is out of packs, get one while you can.

My top gaming cards of the week

1. Yu Darvish – Even though he started the year on the DL, he has been HOT HOT HOT over his last few starts. He put up over 500 points on his SR 100% boost on Friday, which was a huge bump after putting up a ton with his previous game. Wow.

2. Andrew Cashner – The guy put up a one hitter complete game and one of the highest scoring performances of the year so far. I think Darvish is still the better play because of confidence in his continued points potential, but Cashner is lighting it up right now.

Check back next week for a new Bunt list and updated top 10!

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