Celebrating My Favorite Cards in Bunt!

Now that we are well into the first month of the season, its clear that Topps is committed to adding new cards to the game across the board. A lot of people are trying to get established, which is a good thing, myself being one of them. I have spent a lot of time going through the card sheet, and have set aside some of my favorite cards released in Bunt so far 2012-2014. Here is my list.

2013 Hank Aaron RC – 163


Man I love this card, as I think it is about as good as it gets for the non-playable inserts. Not only is it crazy rare, but it is extremely valuable because its cool. Topps tried to recapture some of the magic with the golden moments card this year, but nothing will compare to this.

2013 David Ortiz WS Champions Sig – 136


I am not a Red Sox fan, nor do I cheer for them in any way, but I think this card has some sort of extra appeal over a normal sig because it is the Championship card for the Red Sox WS win. The shot of Ortiz high fiving fans dressed in his Ski goggles is really cool, and I think it may be one of the rarest signatures in the game.

2014 Derek Jeter Signature Series – 100


Cant have the Red Sox without the Yankees, and I think that this card is probably going to be one of the top cards on the 2014 sheet when all is said and done. Now that the 2014 sigs are so rare, they have attained an almost untouchable status – doubly so for Jeter in his retirement tour. He has had other sigs, but the action shot and design on this card sets it apart.

2014 Mystery Card Set

photo1 (1)

I really like the way these turned out, with the wood border and the big player picture. They were extremely tough pulls and turned into some very popular players, and I think they were a great program overall.

2013 All Star Set


I really like cards that feature logos. Post season, all star, cy young, etc. These were really cool because they are rare and obviously comprised the best players in the entire league. Cant argue with the checklist.

2014 Saber Stars Mike Trout – 338


This set may have dropped tremendously in value because of how common some of the cards are, but man they look good. This Trout was the prize for collecting them all, and it looks as good as any of the others maybe minus Felix Hernandez. I wish I had the established collection to get all the cards in time, but I missed out by about 4.

2014 Fired Up Set


Yes, yes, I know these were modeled off the baseball card set in real life, but that doesn’t make them any less cool. Its frowned upon in baseball to show this kind of emotion on the field, and I really liked the rare shot of these guys at the height of their excitement.

2013 Fan’s Choice


I love these cards and I love the checklist. I wish that Topps did more with retro designs in Bunt and this is one of the better ones of the litter. The Frank Thomas is one of the coolest cards in the game.

2013 Mystery Andrew McCutchen – 91


This was the holy grail of 2013 Bunt for a while, according to resident Bunt Historian LeeObrien. You had to finish in the top 3 to get one, and it is a really cool picture and design to the card. Not a sig mind you, but worth about its card count in gold.

Maybe your favorites may be different, but that’s the fun of it – value is in the eye of the card holder!

(All images courtesy of Topps)

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