New Bunt Inserts Unwrapped – VIP Revealed Edition

As I mentioned before, I am a big fan of the way the rewards were done to help pay back the people that spent some real money on Bunt this last month. Although I don’t understand why the thresholds were not disclosed, the rewards themselves were pretty nice.

SR Diamond Mike Trout, Derek Jeter and Bryce Harper

3 2 1

Collectability: Unattainable
Playability: N/A

Man are these cards cool. Basically, they are the only copies that will be available in game, and its not even worth talking about how to get them because they will never be traded. This is where that lock feature comes into play, as I don’t think these cards could exist without it in place. Topps allowed the three top spenders in the game to pick their own player, and this is the result. I love this idea, although I wanted them to be Superfractors instead of diamond cards. Wow, amazing. Im in awe.

SR Troy Tulowitzki 3x Black Boost


Collectability: Extreme
Playability: CaptureCaptureCaptureCapture

Beast of a card right here, and it should make you want to spend more money to get into the top 100 spenders in the game. Only 98 cards exist, and man is this a huge card considering the season he is having. I wish we got more of these cards as part of a series, but it looks like there is a new way to get them. Tulo is on pace to be NL MVP, and is likely going to be the top scoring hitter in the game for points. This is huge.

SR David Ortiz Gold 2x Boost


Collectability: Good to Strong (depending)
Playability: CaptureCapture

Here is what I don’t get. We know what David Ortiz’s base Topps card will look like thanks to opening day. Bunt based all the base cards on their real life examples, and the VIP David Ortiz does not match his opening day. That means one of two things – when the next series of base hit packs, there will be a different group of Ortiz cards that match his opening day like everyone else in the game, or this will eventually be a normal card. In scenario 1, this card stays at a count of 1011, in scenario 2, it becomes a normal card. Obviously my collectability rating changes based on that explanation, which may not come until the next series is released.

SR CC Sabathia/Zack Wheeler Dual Sig


Collectability: Strong+
Playability: N/A

I get the pitching matchup displayed on the card, but I would think that there are two much better players that could have been featured, not named Jeter or Wright. I love this series idea, but the Pujols / Gonzo dual is miles ahead of this one in terms of collectability. We started with some big names in the sig bucket, but things have slowed down with the exception of Russell Wilson.

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