Gameplay Tip of the Day – 6/4

Yesterday, Bunt made a huge announcement surrounding the VIPs within the game. These users that were granted the award were given a slew of swag for spending real money on the game to purchase coins. Although there is still some mystery over how much has to be spent to become a VIP, the perks are definitely something worth chasing.

Each VIP member is going to get a coin bonus of a significant amount each week for the month – HUGE. This is a very big deal, as coins are the reason all of the VIPs are where they are. Secondly, each VIP will be receiving an insert for their award, which for Black and Diamond are some of the best perks of the experience. Diamond players will be granted access to any other insert they choose as well, and with 17 members, there will be a lot of inserts flying around. Diamond players also get the best perk in the game, which is a 1/1 of their choosing. Great stuff.

Now, I buy coins for the fun of opening packs and chasing inserts, but I know its not always that way for everyone. To be honest, with reward programs like this every month, it behooves you to actually buy more coins to gain the gold status at the minimum. I will say, its tough to be competitive in the game without buying coins, as all the top players spend a considerable amount to get where they are. Its possible to be good without buying, you just have to dedicate a lot more time to trading along the way. Remember, 10,000 coins per week is only 10 cards if you are buying the high five pack.

Although some of this VIP stuff is unpopular due to exclusivity, I actually think its pretty incredible stuff. Topps has turned the VIP program into a perk worth chasing, as the rewards are getting to be pretty insane. I have gotten tweets asking for stuff for spending any money in the game, rather than a large amount, and I do understand that feeling for sure. Nothing is more frustrating than buying a bundle and walking away with a few reds and silvers for your trouble. However, you have to realize just how much the VIPs actually spend  – and it should not be a surprise that Bunt wants to reward their top customers in this fashion. For some people the million plus coins that the black level users get is like a windfall beyond imagination. However, its likely a drop in the bucket compared to what they put in.

Just like real cards, its easy to have fun without spending a ton of money, but you arent going to raise eyebrows with your collection unless you want to put some time and money into it. Not everyone is willing to make that commitment, and there is nothing wrong with that sentiment.  Just be aware there are others that feel differently, and have come away with a bucket full of enjoyment from dedicating more than just time to the game.


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3 Responses to Gameplay Tip of the Day – 6/4

  1. aznatheist620 says:

    Question: If I have a card in play and trade it, can I still score points for that player?

  2. One commenter on BHK said that the reward for him amounted to about 20% of the amount he’d spent, so that’s an idea about how much people spend….

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