Bunt Digital Download – Pack Break Recap 6/5

Thanks to the VIP bonus yesterday, I was able to break a few packs. As a result, I had one of the best days in Bunt I have ever had. Please dont expect these kind of results, as I have been playing Huddle and Bunt for 2 years and this is 1 day out of everything. That’s how rare this is.

Trout Boost Fire Pack 


Coins: 12500 per pack
Cards: 5
Opened: 3 packs
Best Pull: Mike Trout 4x Fire Boost SR
Total Gold SR: 2
Total Inserts: 1

When Bunt dropped the odds of the fire boost from 1:270 to 1:27 packs, I had to take a shot. In the first pack, I ended up with 2 gold SR out of 5 cards because so many people were likely trying for the boost just like me. One was Anthony Rizzo and the other was another player not worth talking about. The second pack was 5 reds and white base, and I told myself “ONE MORE. Just one more.” Last card in the third pack was the Trout. WOW.

7th Inning Stretch Pack


Coins: 10000 per pack
Cards: 7
Opened: 3 packs
Best Pull: Masahiro Tanaka Sig
Total Gold SR: 4
Total Inserts: 3

I wanted the Sonny Gray sig that was released yesterday, and decided to open a few packs to see if I could pull one. The first pack I opened was likely one of the best I have ever seen. The first card in the pack was a Stephen Strasburg SR, which was a beast. The 6th card in the pack was a SR Bauer, which is another nice one. 7th card was unexpected, but much better than the Sonny Gray – Masahiro Tanaka sig. I was pretty excited, and decided to keep going. I pulled an Adam Jones FC and a Jered Weaver FC in the next few packs and decided to stop.

Bowman Draft Pack


Coins: 5000 per pack
Cards: 5
Opened: 3 packs
Best Pull: Nothing of Note
Total Gold SR: 0
Total Inserts: 0

Was trying to get the Mauer which I desperately wanted, but came up about as empty as one can come up. No golds, inserts or anything of value, and figured I had enough luck for the day to stop opening packs. I might try again today as no one wants to seem to trade.

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2 Responses to Bunt Digital Download – Pack Break Recap 6/5


    Man, I would love to have a day like that! 2 years huh? I’ve got 2 months under my belt, so I shouldn’t be too disappointed that the best I’ve been able to do is pull or trade for the TBT cards. CONGRATS Dude!

  2. nomadfromcincy says:

    Less than 100,000 coins and you got Tanaka and Trout – SCORE! I bought the Trout boost pack as soon as they announced the better odds, got one on the first card of the first pack. I felt like I won the karma lottery.

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