Gameplay Tip of the Day – 6/7

Besides adding a lot of new players to Bunt over the last few weeks, Topps has also been adding a ton of new cards to the game as well. Aside from a slew of new players that have previously been exclusive to insert sets, they have added these guys to all levels of rarity as well.

The reason I want to write about this new line of base cards actually has nothing to do with their playability in the game. Its basically to notify all the readers that they will likely need to treat some of these new cards as inserts for lack of a better term. The main reason stems from all the gamers that want to stack up their collections to have enough of the new guys for their points production.

As a point of reference, by now, most of the top players are so flushed with the first series of cards, that many can play 9 golds of a player at once and still have a ton of cards left over. With the new cards, it may not be the case, as there just hasnt been as much time to pull them from packs or trade.

With the trading scene affected by game glitches that prevent easy loading of the card sheet, the cards are almost more valuable. So many people have chosen to avoid trading until the load times are fixed in the next update (hopefully!), that it becomes that much more difficult to obtain new cards.

I was lucky enough to pull a Stephen Strasburg gold near the release of series two, and I had to lock it immediately because of how many trade offers I was getting. Although the card’s value will decrease as people open packs, I had to keep it for my own gameplay.

That’s why these cards will be tough for everyone to come by for right now. Just dont be offended when people ask three to one on trading these new ones.

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