Gameplay Tip of the Day – 6/12

There is one thing that tends to be the case when new users come on board, its who to start and when. Most of the time, they tend to start who they have, and I wanted to give some suggestions on who to trade for to acquire players you dont have. Since Pitchers are the most playable cards in the game for 95% of the people out there, here are my must haves.

Johnny Cueto – Best of the Best

There is no better player in Bunt right now than Johnny Cueto. If you dont have 9 of him yet, start looking. His high amount of Strikeouts, combined with a low ERA is a huge reason why he is one of the leading guys in the game. His WHIP is also ridiculously low.

Mark Buehrle

Talk about a renaissance of sorts – as this guy has put up a ridiculous season. Although he doesnt strike out a lot of people, he doesnt walk many either. He has only had one REALLY bad start during the whole year, and the rest have been good to great. Start looking for his cards.

Stephen Strasburg

New base cards are hard to come by, but with the new MoA set, there is a lot of access to Strasburg without giving up the house. Not only is he 3 strikeouts away from the league lead, but he is on a great trajectory to finish the season stronger than the start. K’s are worth a lot more points than other outs, which makes him VERY important.

Felix Hernandez

Another guy in the MoA set which should make him a bit easier to obtain. Huge amount of strikeouts, low ERA, low WHIP makes him a huge deal. The problem is that he has no boosts yet, which means he may sit on your bench while boosted pitchers play.

Cory Kluber

Under the radar guy who has been stellar minus his last start. He has quietly put up 104 Ks on the season, and has pitched like an ace for most of the year. Because he has no name recognition, most people will give him up for less.

Yu Darvish

This guy is consistent as consistent can be. He strikes out a lot of guys, and rarely falters against teams other than the Athletics. He has been on the books since day one, so his cards are readily available.

Masahiro Tanaka

VERY low ERA, low WHIP, high strikeouts. Not to mention he has been brilliant for almost every start this season. The issue is that everyone knows him, and his release was a big enough deal that people have his cards on lock. May be harder to get.

Pitchers we need to see soon!

Tim Hudson – maybe one of the biggest comeback stories of the year. No cards in the game as of yet.

Scott Kazmir – Lots of comeback stories this year, and Kazmir is one that has been a great player for the As this year. No cards in the game.

Dallas Keuchel – The Astros have been on a crazy streak of great baseball, and he has been a top contributor to their pitching staff. No cards in the game.

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2 Responses to Gameplay Tip of the Day – 6/12

  1. Damon says:

    Dallas has the POTW card but it’s a little tough to get and it only scores points at the base level, so probably not worth paying through the nose to get a bunch of them.

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