Gameplay Tip of the Day – 7/15

Well, the week’s worth of buildup is finally here – the MLB All Star game is tonight! Of all the different sports that have and celebrate their top players with a game, Baseball does it best – regardless of how the winner factors into home field at the world series.

It has been just as big a deal in the app since last week, with over 100 new cards all created for the event. Not only did we get a really nicely designed card for each all star, but we got some for the HR derby, fan fest, and MVPs as well. Completely awesome how this was tied in.

So, what are some of the other events that Bunt should look forward to? Here are my guesses (in order of how they will happen).

Trade Deadline

With players like Samardzija already on the move, its likely a few more deals will take place, which potentially includes David Price. We could see a small contingent of new cards for players on their new teams. as well as some historic moves as well.

MLB Post Season


Last year in both Bunt and Huddle, special post season sets were created for every team, with special boost sig rewards for the users who could put together the whole set. This year will likely be just as big, and likely bigger with all the influx of new users. Im excited for sure.

MLB World Series


Building off the post season, the biggest event in baseball is the World Series, and I am guessing that the Bunt team will go crazy trying to get new influx into the app before the year closes out. There are always off season programs to keep people engaged, but this is the last big draw before the game ends for lack of a better term. Historical cards, weekly sets, champion’s set, and MVPs will all be in the mix no doubt. Sigs will likely follow suit.

MLB Awards


For each of the awards last year, Topps issued commemorative cards, and I am guessing that will happen again with more celebration. You would expect more flashback style releases as well, combined with new cards.

Season In Review

Both Huddle and Bunt came out with a Best of 2013 set last year, and its quite possible that this type of thing will happen in 2014. The difference might be that these cards could end up being extremely rare, and usually quite coveted.

Remember, with each new event in 2014, the scale has increased exponentially over 2013 because of how many people have joined in playing the app this year. Very excited for all this, even though my wallet is not.

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