Gameplay Tip of the Day – New Base Cards to Chase

We have had some new base cards released over the last few days, and I want to break down some of the players you will want to get a hold of for your collection. This was more hitter heavy than previous releases, but there were a few gems to pick up.

Marcus Stroman

If you are looking for the one guy to pick up from this release, Stroman is the guy. He isnt on the level of an Adam Wainwright or a Felix Hernandez, but he is strikeout friendly and can be nice for some good pitching performances. Am I going to play him over some of the other pitchers that are likely going to be throwing at the same time? Probably not, too much risk. But nice to have as a backup.

Jake Odorizzi

The Rays are hot right now, and its always nice to have a few cards from a pitcher that is playing for a team that will give him lots of support. Again, we are now getting to the point where there are times with no pitchers throwing, so guys like Odorizzi are no longer at a premium, take that into account. There will always likely be someone better on the mound.

Jason Vargas

This is a guy that has his moments, no doubt, as Vargas has had some great games this year. The issue is that the Royals have been known to fold down the stretch, and their pitching hasnt exactly been stellar during that time. Vargas will get it done, but shouldnt be your first or even second choice.

Danny Duffy

My descirption for Jason Vargas can almost be copied and pasted here for the other Royals pitcher in the bunch. Duffy has had his nice games with a high strikeout total, but I am not rushing out to pick up 9 of his card.

Im sure we will start to get deeper into the pitcher class more and more as we get closer to the release of Topps update, and there are some guys that still are without base cards to watch for.

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