Huddle Tip of the Day – Stocking Your Lineup At Release

As I mentioned before, I am a huge football fan who plays a lot of fantasy. After starting slow last year in huddle, I finished strong due to studying up on the potential for each team and who their likely big point scorers are. Those players are the ones you need the 9 sets of, and it will become evident who they are pretty quickly. Here is a primer of those guys who will likely be valuable regardless of point structures.

Its interesting, because last year, WR who were also returned kicks on special teams were some of the most reliable players in the game. With points adjustments likely coming, things might be a bit more balanced, but you never know.

LeSean McCoy

Although I think the Eagles are not going to be as good as they were in 2013, McCoy will be their top guy in points. They lost one of the top receivers in the league, and that only means Shady will catch more passes than ever out of the backfield. With likely points for both catches and yardage in place, he should end up being quite a valuable part of anyone’s team.

Cordarrelle Patterson

I am not making this suggestion only because I am a die hard Vikings fan, but because of how prolific Patterson was as a returner last year. He averaged over 30 yards per return, which netted 1000 point week on top of 1000 point week in Huddle, and now that his coach thinks he is also a huge weapon for their passing and running you can bet he is going to break out this year.

Peyton Manning

Obvious, I know, but still the best. I have a feeling that QBs are going to get more benefit of the point system this year after the WRs were much more playable last year with points for catches and yardage. The potential addition of longer warm up times will lend themselves much more to playing the QB over the WR, which means Manning will likely be the best guy to play.

Aaron Rodgers

When he is healthy, he is as good as anyone in the league. There is a great chance he will end up playing incredibly well early on as defenses try to get their playbooks on the field, and that is why I think he is a tremendous early season pick up. He is surrounded by Jordy Nelson and a healthy Randall Cobb, which will bring the Packers back to the top of the NFL power rankings.

Adrian Peterson

I know this is homer-ish of me to have two Vikings on this list, but there is no denying that Peterson is the best back in the league. He is poised to have another huge season, especially if the QB situation is as bad as it was prior.

Calvin Johnson

NFC North leading the way again, as Megatron should have a huge season in Detroit. Not only does he catch a ton of balls, but he gets the yardage too, which is almost more important than a score in huddle. Obviously, things could change with new scoring rules, but dont sleep on him.

AJ Green

Although I dont have a ton of confidence in Andy Dalton, Green is the freaking man. Yardage, TDs, catches everything play into his hand in scoring big points. I think that in terms of WRs, it all depends on the warm up time, as the longer it takes to get a receiver into the lineup, the less valuable a WR will be.

Jamaal Charles

Injuries are a concern, but a pass catching RB is hard to pass up for a lineup. As I have said a few times, longer warm up times will make RBs and QBs more valuable, which plays right into Charles’ hand. He has potential for TDs on the ground and in the air, which is attractive all around.

Marshawn Lynch

Hard to pass up the cover athlete for 2014, right? He is in the middle of a bid for a bigger contract, which means he should play up to his potential from the start. His goal will be to force Seattle into a bigger deal, and that means his intensity will get him further than before. Considering he was already one of the better backs in the league last year, scary to think what will happen when he is angry.

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