New Bunt Inserts Unwrapped – 8/21

Big day for me in Bunt yesterday, probably the biggest all year. I have been waiting since April for my team to get a sig, and I was all smiles yesterday when it finally happened.

SR Craig Kimbrel Signature Series 1/1


Collectability: N/A
Playability: CaptureCapture

The golden ticket is back in the super bonus packs, but the original card has been built and distributed to user JAMMINJ. He chose Kimbrel as he said, and man did they choose a cool pic. This is one of those cards that you will not be able to get, but its still cool to see how it turned out. Im kind of disappointed there isnt a more distinguishing look to the card, like a gold band or something, but its still really nice. Congrats to James.

SR Joe Mauer Signature Series


Collectability: Extreme
Playability: Capture

Excuse my excitement, but this is just too awesome for me to put into words. I was able to pull one in packs, which was awesome, and for a fan this is the day you have been waiting for. Mauer has been raking as of late, including scoring enough points last week to be the Blue BoB card. Talk about a perfect time for a sig. At 700 copies, he is placed right about where he should be, and eventually he will not be hard to get. Right now, everyone is hoarding for the sig rewards, and I would guess that its going to be hard from this point forward to pull these down from someone’s sheet in a trade.

SR Jose Altuve Lightning Series


Collectability: Extreme
Playability: CaptureCapture

These are the rarest set of the year when it comes to inserts, and Altuve is no exception at 42 copies. I remember seeing someone do an experiment and proclaim that only 1 Dee Gordon was not on lockdown, and that is saying something. Because the pack was separated this time, instead of being released in the Black or Gray Pack, it should come as no surprise that its rare as hell. Altuve is one of the best hitters in baseball right now, so this is pretty cool.

SCR Byron Buxton EC Reward


Collectability: Extreme
Playability: N/A

I was SHOCKED to see who they picked for this card, especially because I am a Twins fan. Buxton has yet to crack the majors, but he is the top prospect in the nation according to Baseball America. He is out for the rest of the season with a head injury, but should end up hitting the show next year sometime. The best part about this card is that EC cards are actually pretty rare, which means the count will likely be in the 100s or VERY low 200s. Its a big deal. Interesting they made a card that isnt going to score this year as a pure collection piece. Its awesome looking, for sure.

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