Pros and Cons: Points vs Collecting

Bunt has become more and more split between the collectors who look to accumulate cards versus the gamers who look to accumulate points. There are a lot of reasons why its a good idea to be a bit of both, but I know that can be even harder than being just one or the other.

Since there are a lot of people who read this site that may straddle the fence, here are my pros and cons for each type.

Gamers – Points Players: PROS

  • Competition and fantasy sports is a big aspect of the game
  • No need to chase the inserts that cost a lot of money
  • More focus on gathering cards that many people have duplicates of
  • Requires watching a lot of baseball
  • Trading is easier
  • Weekly coin awards
  • Weekly BoB card awards

Gamers – Points Players: CONS

  • Requires watching a lot of baseball
  • More time needed to set lineups
  • More time needed to pay attention to ongoing games
  • The most valuable points cards in the game are more valuable than any insert
  • Can be repetitive each week

Collectors – Sets and Inserts: PROS

  • Higher collection score
  • Competition to accumulate best collection
  • Large market
  • Lots of cards to chase
  • Coolest looking cards in the game are collecting targets
  • Stature in the game determined by collection quality, not points
  • Pack buying structure and game focus is around inserts and big pulls
  • Huge thrill to pulling a big card from a pack
  • Reward cards for a completed set are an added bonus
  • VIP program for spending money

Collectors – Sets and Inserts: CONS

  • Can cost TONS of money
  • Trading is much more difficult – especially on rarer cards
  • Huge let down when money is spent and nothing is pulled
  • New cards are almost impossible to trade for
  • Increasingly difficult to pull nice cards from packs
  • Reward cards are not coins
  • To reach highest level of VIP, you need to spend thousands of dollars
  • Too many inserts each week make it impossible to get every card
  • Too many inserts each week require more money to be spent

Again, the top users in bunt find ways to be a little of both. I still think its a good exercise to read over what makes each type of user unique. As much as I love playing for points, I cant pass up the chance to obtain a great insert. The scary thing is that Topps seems to recognize this dichotomy, and plays off it. Look at how valuable the Fire Boost Sigs are – points plus rare inserts equal huge value.

Overall, just find the thing in the game that makes it fun for you. At that point, nothing else really matters.

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1 Response to Pros and Cons: Points vs Collecting

  1. Damon says:

    Another strong post. For me, it comes down to money. You can score in the top 100 without spending much money (only buying Twitter packs on sale and trading all inserts for points cards). You can then take that 50-count BoB and turn it into inserts you covet or more points cards). The other major issue is that to finish in the top 50, it is a big time investment.

    If I didn’t have tons of time or lots of money, I’d be playing for points and shooting for top 100. After that, if you have the money or time, it’s just a question of how much you want to invest in Bunt.

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