Huddle Tip of the Day – Trading for New 2014 Upon Launch

Everyone can feel it – that electricity in the air surrounding the launch of 2014 Huddle and the kickoff of the new season of NFL football. We have already gotten word that the launch SHOULD be coming tomorrow or Thursday pending Apple’s approval of the update. Personally, I cant wait.

When the app launches, I have already given a checklist of things to look for, but here is how I would approach trading – based on my experience during Bunt’s relaunch. If you are like me, you probably have a million 2013 base cards that are now obsolete. Dont worry, they will actually help you more than you think.

Exchange rates can be tough to put together, but you can guess there will be a million and a half people calling for 2014 on the fan feed. This includes a large portion of Bunt users coming over for the first time thanks to cross app advertising. Because there will be so many people at once, expect that its going to be harder than usual to get fair trades if you are the one fielding offers – just be aware.  I would guess you will have to give up to 9 2013 base cards for the gold super rare 2x boosts, and as many as 5 just to get a few new base cards.

In fact, it may be better just to go for the red and green boosts at first, as there is going to be a mad dash for the base cards to get the coin rewards for initial releases of team sets. It will almost create a vacuum of need for those cards, and should open up a bit on the mid range boosts. Golds will be tough as all the vet Huddle users will chase them for their gameplay. Reds will be the forgotten cards that could win you some serious points if you play your trades right.

Another quick factor – we got confirmation a few weeks ago that there will likely be no headshots used in this year, with most players having retouched action pictures instead of their team photo. This will create a larger desire for 2014 cards, as the 2013 become more representative of a primitive app.

There will also be a number of inserts that will be released within the first few days, and you might actually want to save some coins. Aside from the sig, which will come, I would guess some sort of kickoff set will be available as well. DO NOT CHASE cards that have a base equivalent, only the ones that do not have base cards. You want to fill out your lineup with guys from that set who are not available anywhere else. Otherwise, its not worth your time. If the opening day set in Bunt is any indicator, they will be quite common unless the article states a specific print run.

Lastly, its definitely in your best interest to spend real money during launch. Not only will it get you more packs and more 2014 cards, but it will start your qualification for any VIP program that is likely going to be coming. With Gold VIP in Bunt, about the equivalent of a few hundred thousand coins purchased, you get 250,000 coins split into 4 weeks, plus access to special packs (if everything remains the same). If it does not, there will still be a good enough reason to get the reward. TRUST ME.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or are interested in picking up 2013 cards around launch. Ill be one of the people on the hunt, and I am going to go hard into this year with a big focus on getting all the nice cards I can.


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1 Response to Huddle Tip of the Day – Trading for New 2014 Upon Launch

  1. Futureman75 says:

    You’re constantly providing fantastic advice and a fresh perspective on this hobby, but this read is one of your best. I’m new to Bunt still and was considering Huddle too, but after reading this, I feel like I have a strategy to attack the game. I’m all in!

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