Breaking Down Throwdown Thursday Contest

For the first time in the history of any of the three apps, Topps Huddle is running a contest that really plays into the competitive nature of the game. For 10k coins, you can gain entry into their Throwdown Thursday contest, which will revolve around points for the Ravens vs Steelers. This one day week league is an idea I mentioned back in the beginning of the site, and I absolutely love that they found a way to make it happen.

Now, this is only for one winner, which makes it a bit unattainable for the normal user, but you can be assured that this will not be the last time they roll something like this out. I hope there is a lot of support for this type of situation, because I would like to see more opportunities built around shorter weeks with buy ins and prizes for top performers.

Here are some tips for building up your collection if you are looking to take a shot:

  • Whites are worth the time – with so many of the Steelers and Ravens players in the newer releases of the base cards from the last few days, the white base cards are still worth picking up. You can score points with them, and because the cards are newer, there wont be many people with the rare boosts.
  • Trade for reds and silvers instead of greens – because of the trade market, the green cards are going to be much tougher to trade for. Even though the reds and silvers score higher boosted points, they dont have coin awards attached.
  • Be ready to overpay – Steelers and Ravens are trading like inserts at this point, so if you are the one making the offer, make it big.
  • Have your lineup set before kickoff –  the servers are going to be under a heavy load tonight, and that could mean trouble for the load times and lineup switches. Be ahead of the game.

If you have any questions, let me know! I am also trading for Steelers and Ravens just like everyone else, so shoot me some offers!

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1 Response to Breaking Down Throwdown Thursday Contest

  1. Futureman75 says:

    I purchased an inexpensive coin bundle, bought 3 Throwdowns and traded them for 26 cards of value I needed. Dropping basically 1000 coins per value card I needed has proved a terrific investment towards my collection!

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