New Partnership – and Digital Card Central Team Up

A lot of the readers of this site are hungry for info surrounding the different Topps Digital Apps, one of the main reasons I have continued to have so much fun writing this site. I have talked a few times about how important it is to use the available resources and I want to announce a partnership with one that I find very helpful. has a site and a forum that has been around since the beginning of the apps, and they do a great job bringing users together. I want to make sure that my readers are aware of the site and the really good work they do. If you need to ask a question, get some trades done, or anything like that, BHK is a great place to go.

We have both decided to partner up to educate and inform for one reason and one reason only – make sure that the community has what they need to be engaged and successful. Neither site will change or transfer anywhere, just working together to make sure the Topps Digital community stays at the top of their game.

Check them out on the link to the right, you will not be disappointed!

Thanks everyone!

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1 Response to New Partnership – and Digital Card Central Team Up

  1. TIM28 says:

    Super excited for our partnership!

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