Bunt Tip of the Day – Rare Post Season Cards and Their Value

Let me start out by saying that the post season has been quite the wild ride so far, and Bunt is definitely along for the journey. We have had a ton of card releases over the last few days, and its clear that they are really pouring it on knowing that the end of the year is in sight. I always like when they go nuts with inserts as it makes opening packs a lot of fun. The question is, how much value will the cards have after the season?

As we saw with the transition to 2014 from 2013, the game changed so drastically that the old cards didnt really even make sense to play regularly. Although at first it would have been nice to have cards to play, the 1x common scoring would have taken a lot for a 2013 to remain valuable in that sense.

Now that 2014 is on its way out, are the post season cards going to remain valuable in the next version of the game? I think a few things will have to be sorted out, and that likely wont happen for months and months. Because of the enormous boosts attached to some of the post season cards, its safe to say they are likely going to be playable just for 2014, and it may be that 2015 is not even going to have a place where boosts could fit in.

Be careful in giving up your awesome sigs and nice looking inserts for these cards, unless you are making a deal to pick up something similarly awesome looking. Cool cards retain their value year over year, especially the sigs, and that should always be a consideration. I know our competitive nature can get the best of us, but its clear that a playoff series of points may not be worth giving up your best cards that will remain valuable next year.

If you are a points player and that’s it, obviously go nuts, because this is the last gas for the season. If you play for more than points, be careful – you do not want to regret giving up that one card for one that is only going to be good for a few games.

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