Black Boosts Come to and End – But Go Out With a BANG.

Today we got an annoucement that today’s release of Black Boosts would be the last for the year, something that will either make you quite happy or disappointed. I think the team realized that at 107 different boosts, its reached a point of over saturation, even more so when you layer the purple boosts on top of them.

I really liked the flood of Black Boosts at first, as it gave an element of gameplay that was previously VERY difficult to come by. The Calvin Johnson AS Boost is still one of the more coveted cards in the game, and that should say a lot even after the recent tidal wave.

To see that the last set is as limited as Megatron is something interesting as well, as it presents quite the opportunity to go out of this phase of the game the right way. 100 copies of the 10 boosts today is NOTHING compared to the 500 from previous releases, and to see that there is also a chase for another reward card, makes them that much more valuable. The new Sky Blue boost that will be attached to collecting all the BB will maybe have 10-2o copies and I am not kidding.

Its also a bit odd that Kaepernick has gone without a boost this whole time, although I have confirmed with the huddle team that it was not intentional, and no vendetta exists as claimed.

I think the most important question that comes from this whole chase focuses on what comes next, and it should be readily apparent that a new level may come in the next few days. In Bunt the 4x boosts were Fire, and I am fully preparing myself for that chase to begin shortly.

In a game where you can only do so much with head shots on a design, I have come to terms with chasing the boosted cards as a fun experience within the app. Its not ideal, but it is something that we can all have a good time with if done the right way.


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1 Response to Black Boosts Come to and End – But Go Out With a BANG.

  1. ebaytke96 says:

    Now there are regular blue inserts…..and the hits keep coming!

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