Huddle Tip of the Day – Thanksgiving and What to Expect

Thanksgiving week is upon us, and that means two things – Football and food comas. Turkey day has always been one of my favorite holidays, and I am going to say that Huddle has already pledged to make it that much more interesting. I have an inkling that if you are going to spend money on this game, this week is the time to do it.

Thanksgiving Last Year

Last year was big for huddle as it will be this year. Not only was there a release of one of the first true insert sets in the game, but also the first package deal card that gave people a reward for buying coins. Obviously, these two things have paved the way for a lot of what has evolved in Huddle over the last year and a half, so you can bet that we might be getting a lot more than that come this week.

What To Expect

We saw a reveal for the next color of boosts yesterday, and no doubt, they will be a part of Thanksgiving. I would expect at minimum another set or two to chase, including some bundle purchase cards that will probably correspond to the games being played. That would mean some pretty big names up for grabs, and at 7x, worth chasing for the playoff push that many of the teams will have. So far, almost all the teams playing thursday have a legit shot at the playoffs, and that is a great situation for us to be in.

Im also guessing there will either be a special commemorative set, and/or a Golden Moment celebrating something that happened on Thanksgiving for an active player. The commemorative set will have carried over from last year, which was one of the better looking sets all year.

I wouldnt be shocked if there was some release of a Triple Sig, or something like that, as its clear that the big names playing would be hot enough to generate a card like that. Either way, I think we can assume that there will be some sort of ultra limited card, as Thursday has regularly come to be a big day in huddle.

Lastly, there was a coin sale last year, and a pack sale to boot, if I remember correctly. This is something that many of the users would love, and is a way to help sell all of the stuff I just mentioned.

Throwdown Slate

Being that Thursday is usually a throwdown day, I think we can expect some major fireworks. I usually get the boosts that will be offered ahead of time, but this time it has been quiet. That means that something big is likely in the works. We might have our first FULL day throwdown, or even three separate ones – all with special Turkey day boosts.

Bottom line, other than the Super Bowl, this will likely shape up to be the one biggest day of the year for Huddle. Not only is it a game where much of the user base is off of work/school, but also a period where so many of us are playing along.

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