Gridiron Unwrapped – FINAL Reward Card Edition!

From the first day of Huddle, I have been waiting for this day. I knew that the weekly inserts were going to deliver some amazing chases over the year, and when the Marshawn Lynch sig hit packs I started opening and never looked back.

Over the course of the season, I collected 3 of the season master sets, and a number of the weekly set rewards as well. Yesterday was the payoff for all that work, and after seeing the results, its clear that TOPPSMARC and the team have been just as excited for this day as we are. They did such a tremendous job for each of the reward sets, and really deserve a lot of credit for the way these turned out.

Not only was the player selection quite impressive, but the added boosts of 10x and 15x for each level of card was just icing on the cake. We didnt chase these reward cards for the boost, we chased them for the thrill of opening packs and putting together sets. Seeing how that all came to fruition was wonderful, as many of the cards are playoff bound top scorers. Bottom line, next year, a lot of people are going to chase these sets as a result of yesterday, as well they should.

I think it was a cool idea to basically structure the player subjects according to the value of the set. The more valuable sets got the top guys, and the less valuable sets got guys that might not be on that level, but still very collectable. I think these turned out great, and I am happy with every one I got.

Here are my thoughts on the way everything turned out.

Signature Series Reward Season Master Set – Tom Brady


Count: 41
Cool Factor: Diamond Level

Huddle had a good idea for the season long sets – make them gold. Not just gold colored but resembling cards etched into gold. If you remember last year, they tried a similar thing with the Russell Wilson Super Bowl Halftime foil card, and it worked maybe 10% as well visiually. These cards are awesome, and will be some of the most coveted of the entire season. At 15x, this Brady all of a sudden becomes one of the more coveted cards to use in the playoffs as well.

Signature Series Reward Weeks 11-17 – Eddie Lacy


Count: 41
Cool Factor: Black Level

For the teams playing this weekend, the Packers might have their hands the most full with the Dallas Cowboys. Either way, Lacy has been playing like a Mack Truck as of late, unstoppable, which means this card has some major play factor. Either way, this was definitely a good sig to choose for the reward, as many of the other players were either already sigs, used for other reward cards or less cool.

Golden Moments Reward Season Master Set – Peyton Manning


Count: 68
Cool Factor: Diamond Level

I really liked the Golden Moments all year long. The set design worked for both head shots and action shots, and looked sweet in the process. Manning had a GM card during the season, but he is easily one of the more representative players of big moments during 2014 setting the record and such. I love this card, and was happy to see it as the season reward.

Golden Moments Reward Weeks 11-17 – Russell Wilson


Count: 87
Cool Factor: Diamond Level

I think its getting clear that it is hard to put together 19-20 moments to commemorate in this fashion all year. Im glad they saved Russell Wilson, because the card turned out really freaking awesome. At 10x, this becomes Wilson’s biggest boost, which will be very valuable come tomorrow. That being said, after going through the first four, it should be no surprise that the playoffs are all over the better set rewards.

Editor’s Choice Reward Season Master Set – Tony Romo


Count: 15
Cool Factor: Diamond Level

Because Lesean McCoy EC was such a rare card (released one day before the HS fiasco), this was a relatively impossible set to complete. Manning, the other EC from that day has less than 100 copies too, and most are on lockdown. Romo was a good choice for this card, as he is a popular player who scored a lot of points in his MVP caliber season.

Editor’s Choice Reward Weeks 11-17 – TY Hilton


Count: 89
Cool Factor: Gold Level

Of all the players in the playoffs, Hilton has the fewest boosts. He played a relatively good game last week, but the main attraction of this card is his season, which was very impressive. Hilton doesnt have the name recognition of some of the other guys in the reward sets, which is why I gave him a lower rating, but that could all change this weekend.

Monday Night Series Reward Season Master Set – Jamaal Charles


Count: 51
Playability: N/A
Cool Factor: Black Level

A lot of people chase Jamaal Charles because he is so exciting of a player. Charles is a big reason why the Chiefs got as far as they did, but not being in the playoffs was a big disappointment for Kansas City fans that saw them with a top seed last year. From a collectability standpoint, this is a really nice reward.

Monday Night Series Reward Weeks 11-17 – DeAndre Hopkins


Count: 94
Playability: N/A
Cool Factor: Free to Play Level

To be honest, this was kind of a bummer to see Hopkins as the choice, as he doesnt have the team collectors or the name recognition. Although he played well during the season, there just arent that many people that are going to try to chase down this type of thing. I would have probably gone with someone like Drew Brees or Matt Forte.

Player of the Week Reward Season Master Set – Marshawn Lynch


Count: 20
Playability: football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322
Cool Factor: Diamond Level

What a cool card. Seriously one of the better ones given out. The funny thing is that Marshawn Lynch was already the first of the reward cards for POTW, which makes this relatively full circle. I doubt anyone is complaining either. He is going to have his hands full with the Panthers this week, but I dont think there is an analyst on the planet that doesnt expect him to run beast mode all over the place.

Player of the Week Reward Weeks 11-17 – Mike Evans


Count: 64
Playability: N/A
Cool Factor: Gold Level

I am a huge fan of Mike Evans, huge fan. I would have been really happy to get this card, and I think he almost deserves as much consideration as Beckham for ROY. That being said, he is still an up and coming guy in terms of name recognition. Still cool.

Fan’s Choice Reward Season Master Set – Odell Beckham


Count: 78
Playability: N/A
Cool Factor: Black Level

If you arent a fan of the spectacular catches he makes, you must either be an Eagles fan, or someone that hasnt seen him play. Beckham embodies exactly what the fan’s choice set is all about, as he was easily one of the most chase worthy rookies this year. Everyone wanted a piece, including a recent fan of the week. That is the only drawback, but im sure this card was in production before they chose their card.

Fan’s Choice Reward Weeks 11-17 – Cam Newton


Count: 108
Cool Factor: Black Level

We are all shocked the Panthers have made it this far as a 7-9 team. Newton started off playing on a pretty low standard, but really picked it up coming down the stretch. We can all agree that probably ends this week, but it was fun while it lasted. Newton is a popular player which makes him perfect for this reward.

Rising Star Reward Season Master Set – Le’veon Bell


Count: 47
Playability: N/A
Cool Factor: Black Level

I said before that Bell had a great season as one of the more consistent backs. Like Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger, Bell and the Pittsburgh offense was usually pretty fun to watch. Even though he didnt play last week, and they were eliminated, this is a really cool card.

Rising Star Reward Weeks 11-17 – Jeremy Hill


Count: 123
Playability: N/A
Cool Factor: Gold Level

Of all the rookies this year that werent on my Vikings, I really liked watching Jeremy Hill’s power running style. I am someone who is always drawn to the big bruising running backs, and he is right there with the best this year. Already a finalist for ROY that will likely go to Beckham, he deserves some major consideration.

Again, this has been a tremendous season all around. I had more fun than I ever could have imagined, and having these cards as a payoff was really cool.

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