Huddle Playoffs Year over Year: How Far We Have Come in 12 Short Months

I work in Sales and Marketing in my real life, and there is one thing we are always judged by. Each time we come out with a new marketing campaign, or sales initiative, we are always asked one really simple question that can either make us rock stars or look like idiots. “How much better will this be than last year?”

Since the last time the NFL Playoffs rolled around, we have come so far in Huddle that it doesnt even look like Huddle anymore. Things are better looking, better functioning, and more competitive. If you cant see that for yourself, you likely werent A) paying attention or B) around last year.

Lets walk through some of the releases last year and how they compare to this year.

Playoff Base Set 


I cant even begin to describe the differences here, especially in the look and feel of the card. Although I am not saying I hated the design last year, its like loving your first car that you got and how you feel about your brand new BMW you bought when you grew up. Although there are limitations in place for 2014, it still looks about as boss as it can possibly be.

Playoff Sigs


Last year’s playoff sig was something at the time, as it was the first to really use a design that didnt fit in with the normal look of a huddle card. Nothing like this year, where the sig design is amazing all on its own, tweaked for the playoffs to look awesome. The addition of variant editions makes it even better.

Playoff Inserts


The MVP set has an advantage over this year with the use of action shots, but think of what could have been done with this year’s design if they had that same opportunity. Obviously there will be other playoff sets released this year, but the Champion’s collection is one that should be heralded for its cool concept and wonderful design.

Playoff Big Boosts


Although Mystery cards ended up being Manning and Lynch for the Super Bowl at 5x, we havent seen the programs yet for the 2014 Super Bowl. Im guessing something big is coming, as its clear that a progression of playoff cards is in place. Last year’s version did have the opportunity to use action shots, but the cool boost designs this year make up for it. I used the Fire because it is easily my favorite of all the different boosts. The Changeling Boost also has a sweet design, but no player yet, so I went with Brady.

Other Playoff Cards


I think it goes without saying that Huddle broke out the big guns for the playoffs, and I could not be happier at the way this worked out. Each card is cooler than the next, and it should be very apparent that the team turned Head Shot lemons into Huddle “hard lemonade.” They easily could have resigned themselves to a fate that is thrust upon them by licensing situations, and yet, here we are. I give them all the credit in the world because they really did an awesome job. Complain all you want about “This player doesnt score anymore!”, but its worth your time to open your eyes and see the fun that they have been able to manage.

You are missing out if you dont.

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