2014 Huddle Year in Review – An Obsessive Look At The Best and Worst Pt 5: Closing Out the Season

Since September, I have been heavily involved in all aspects of Huddle. Trading, points chase, collecting, and writing this site has been a part of my daily life for the last months like never before. Football is my main jam, which is why I was so much more invested in Huddle over other apps.

This series is a review of some of MY major threads from 2014, and I will obsessively breakdown anything and everything I can muster.

Part 5 – Closing Out the Season

As we close out this group of articles, its only fitting that we end with a discussion of the final days of the Huddle season. It has been a exhausting year, but easily one of the most fun experiences I have had on any game. Its been so much entertainment that my son has even gotten into it, using his own account to open packs and collect his favorite players.

Huddle may have started off as one thing and finished as another, but looking back it was worth every minute I spent trading, playing and ripping packs. When the Super Bowl is over this Sunday, it will be the culmination of a year that I dont really want to end, and that is the truth.

I think from a fun perspective, the playoffs have been an experience unlike any other so far. High payouts, awesome looking sets, and a lot of competition. So much so that it has brought out things in us that I never expected to be brought out. Now that we are approaching the final game, things are going to change. Im very interested to see how that turns out, but it will illicit a feeling of loss as well. To be without Huddle now until next year is something that I will have to come to terms with, as funny as that may sound. According to my phone, I have spent weeks worth of time on the app, and that doesnt include the time spent writing this blog. That is a lot of time. Im kind of embarrassed, haha.

Thank Yous

Im not going to close out the Huddle year without some well deserved gratitude paid to the people who have loaned their time and support to this site and my experience in game.

TOPPSCHRIS – We have had a roller coaster this year. I remember back when you told me Huddle would be “mugshot” free this year and how happy that made me. Since then, things have been pretty crazy. Your time dedicated in interviews, follow ups and questions is beyond appreciated.

TOPPSMARC – The man himself. I dont really know what to put here, because I think that it would be hard to explain our relationship in terms that makes sense for everyone else. Your level of effort and passion for Huddle is likely unknown for the general user, but the thanks you deserve cannot be put into words on this site. Your support, patience, and dedication to hearing me out is something I will never be able to repay you for.

TOPPSIAN – I think you are one of the more under appreciated parts of the Huddle team, largely because things have been so busy this year. You were always someone I loved going back and forth with, and the opportunities you provided were something that I will forever appreciate. Its too bad we didnt have the time to do as much on the huddle side as we did on the bunt side, but I know that will change as things unfold for 2015. As I am sure many of my readers will attest, you might be one of the better Huddle traders out there.

My Crew – You guys know who you are. You kept me going, you helped out when I needed it, and you were great for a laugh more times than I can count. Without your help and assistance, my experience in Huddle would have been half of what it was. Thank you is well deserved.

Readers of this Site – I cant say how much you all have meant to me during this year. Your feedback and commentary has been so important to this season that I wish I could repay you all in some way. You guys deserve all the respect I can muster, and I hope you will continue to keep reading as the offseason goes on.

The Future

I will continue to cover both Huddle and Bunt through the offseason, so dont be a stranger during that time. This site will definitely get back into full swing once 2015 Bunt is released, but for the most part this is the end of 2014 for the main two games I play.

Its really hard to believe how much fun I have had with this blog, as it started off as a timewaste more than anything. I love writing, and I love helping people out in the games, so why not offer that in a more digestible widespread format right?

I didnt expect to build relationships with the teams behind the scenes or the readers of this site, but both made Bunt and Huddle that much more rewarding. I am one of those hopelessly romantic people you meet and cant stand, and that is why I have delusions of grandeur surrounding the impact of this site. I want to think it has helped make things just a little bit better for everyone who has followed along. If not, that’s okay too.

Either way, this year has been great, and next year will be too. I expect that things will be better next year than they ever have been, and with new faces and new places for many involved, its going to be a trip.

I hope you all can join me on the ride.

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