Huddle Tip: How to Survive the Offseason

I know, I know. I have already started to feel the pain of a football-less wasteland that has slowly enveloped the sports world since Sunday. Well, fret not, because there are still reasons to stay on board with Huddle through the offseason, especially if you are bored with nothing to do between now and September. The app is going to slow down considerably, but it wont grind to a hault.

Here are some of the main things that should happen coming up, as long as last season’s process holds true.

Huddle Honors

I have been waiting for a series like this during all three years of Huddle, and I am glad it has come to be. I am not happy that these cards might be the hardest pulls in the history of the game, but I guess that only adds to the chase. I would guess that if more people were still around and buying packs, they wouldnt be as tough, but that’s the way it goes. These cards represent all the award winners from the main categories, and the cards are modeled after a retro set from the physical side to make them look even cooler.

All Huddle

Last year, around this time, Huddle came out with a set of cards that commemorated the top scoring guys of the year. I would guess these are going to come again, maybe this time with a twist. Im just hoping that they are more plentiful than the all star die cut cards, which were awesome, but impossible to get.

NFL Draft Combine 

When the draft process starts ramping up, the Combine is really the first shot across the bow in a time that I live for. In 2013, they commemorated the players that had the best active times in the events, but many of the guys were no-namers who werent that interesting. This year, I expect bigger and better, especially if recent trends continue.

The NFL Draft

The draft is one of my favorite events of the year, and I seriously watch all 7 rounds as much as I can. I plop myself down with some beer and popcorn and watch each pick like it is going to be the next Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson. Its the first time where each team really shapes their season, and its awesome to watch it unfold. I would guess a commemorative set is released around this time.

Other Sets

During the Offseason in Bunt so far, they have done some really cool things with sets, some spanning multiple weeks and months. I would love to see Huddle take a similar approach to keep people coming back, as there is nothing more disheartening than when you are the only person on the app trading for new cards.

Card Values

Now that boosts mean nothing, it becomes more about filling holes in your collections, and trading for those cards that you missed while stacking your team for the playoffs. There are a lot of awesome cards out there, and this is a great time to pick them up relatively easily. Team, player and rarity will drive values now, but status of the card will also be a contributor.

Most importantly, stick around. Collect your daily bonuses, even if it is just to set yourself up for a big stash at the start of 2015. There is no reason to leave completely, and I would hope there are still going to be people manning the mast while Football is on hiatus. Ill be around, shoot me a trade or two.

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