Five Reasons to Get On Board With Topps Digital Today

Over the next two days, Im going to publish two articles that will detail some thoughts on why its a great time to be on the apps, but also some reasons on why its not so great. Ill start with the good, because I feel like its the easier of the two to digest, but I encourage everyone to come back tomorrow for the areas that Topps needs to improve.

1. Get in On the Ground Level

Everyone wants to be a part of a trend before its cool, and I feel like we are still at that point with all the apps that Topps makes. You might think people have moved past the stages of the games where too much has been missed, but I think that couldnt be further from the truth.

When you look at the potential audiences, Topps hasnt even scratched the surface of the user bases of the app store, many of which would love to use Bunt/Huddle/Kick as their main source of fun for their gaming life. 2015 is already shaping up to be the biggest Bunt year of the run, and we dont even know much about it.

Bottom line, with the hiring of a new VP of Digital at Topps, there are many examples why the apps will continue to grow exponentially, especially if Huddle can get a full NFL license.

2. App Design / Card Design

I feel like we are in the golden age of digital card design here, and there is no where to go but up. Not only has the look and feel of all three apps improved significantly over the last year, but it literally gets better by the day.

Topps made significant investments in the design department, hiring graphic artists to partner with each of the three apps, leading to a big payoff as we have seen. The apps and cards have never looked better, and I am eager to see what 2015 holds.

3. New App Coming Soon

As mentioned on Twitter last month, Topps is in the process of putting the finishing touches on a new app. There have been guesses from UFC to NASCAR to Star Wars, but they are tight lipped on what it is going to be. The UFC license to me is very interesting, as Topps already produces cards for the brand. Who knows what is possible if fantasy MMA comes to digital in that fashion.

Being that a new app is in the works, this is everyone’s chance to be on board for the beginning of something great. Even if it turns out to be something like Garbage Pail Kids, its still worth checking out based on what the other apps have been able to accomplish.

4. Its the Off-season!

With the off-season comes diminished users playing along, but that also means you can start your collection and bring it up to speed much more cheaply than trying to do so during a time where the user base is the highest. Stocking up your cards to be able to trade for the new ones is a huge plus, and it gives you an advantage over the tens of thousands of people who will join up come opening day/weekend.

5. Have Fun Every Day

For the last two years, a day has not gone by where I havent been on one of the apps, with few exceptions. Its one of the best time wasters out there, and god knows how much most of us can use an escape every so often.

Even if you are just a casual user who checks into get your daily bonus and crack a few packs, the apps will be fun every day. If you really want to go deep down the rabbit hole, each of the three apps can service your needs in spades. Its easy to get sucked in, mainly because for what they are meant for, the digital apps are a blast.

Check back tomorrow for part two, which as mentioned above, covers the negative aspects that many users are finding issue with.

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