Huddle Highlights Digital Advantages With Offseason Moves

Over the last few weeks, the NFL has been a wildfire of offseason moves with different players feeling the brunt of free agency squarely on their shoulders. Others have chosen to walk away and leave the game rather than risk further bodily injury that could be debilitating for the rest of their lives.

In both cases, Huddle has showcased that having a digital forum to celebrate these moves is a very good thing. Without having to wait for the next year’s worth of physical cards to showcase faces in new places, they can do it on their end almost instantly. The same was done in Bunt with similar offseason moves, some of which received some very big media attention.

It also gives the different team collectors an opportunity to pick up some cards of their team’s new weapons and does so in a way that looks pretty awesome. If you remember last year, the cards looked nothing like the ones we have in the app this year, with a brand new design created to commemorate all the different trades and signings.


Additionally, with top players like Patrick Willis and MJD opting to retire over the last few weeks, the milestone cards have been really cool. It is a tip of the cap to their careers, as both players have been at the top of their positions at some point during their time on the field.

The best part of this entire situation is seeing that Huddle has grown so much in such a short amount of time. It was clear that the offseason wasnt as much of a focus as it is this year, and that is a main reason why more of the user base has stuck around despite lack of gameplay. Although things would be infinitely better with a full NFL license, its clear that they are doing their best to make the most of what they have.

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