Could Star Wars Card Trader Become Topps Digital’s Top App?

If you havent gotten on board with Star Wars Card Trader yet, let me save you the trouble of whether or not it is worth your time. It definitely is. Get going now while its still in the infant stages so that you dont miss out on the early fun.

Over the course of the last week, I have come to understand that this app is likely a bigger deal than people might imagine. Not only has the app made the top new apps banner on the Apple Store, but it has been covered by some of the bigger national geek news sites and USA today.

You might have also realized that when things are released in limited quantities, whether they are packs or inserts, they fly off the shelves. Its not just because of crossover traffic from the other apps, its because Star Wars has such a wide audience that there have been a huge influx of new users into the game.

Dont get me wrong, crossover traffic is big, as I expected. People who love the existing three games have almost all transferred over, because of how universally loved the franchise is.

The funny thing is, Topps may not have predicted this kind of volume, as the servers have been exceptionally slow over the last few days. There was a crash or two already, and its not because of what is going on in the other three games. Both Bunt and Huddle are in the offseason, and Kick’s volume has likely not increased sharply over the last week. This game is popular, and for good reason.

A question of whether or not SWCT can be the top app for this company is one that is definitely valid. Although it doesnt have a live gameplay element yet, the people who love the films, have a device, and use apps on said device will be all over this. The freemium model provides a quick onboarding, and the amount of cool cards will likely transfer more users to pay users better than the others.

This platform is one that lends itself extremely to a nerd infested genre, and from what I understand this is something that Topps has been planning for a long time. As the next movie gets closer and closer to release, its clear that the relevancy of the game will improve dramatically. Disney is already planning numerous spinoffs, and one would expect that all of them will factor in. The longevity of the brand is already exceptional since the seventies, and with Disney at the helm, its only going to get bigger.

Right now, Madison Dearborn Partners owns the majority stake in Topps, and Michael Eisner of Disney is right there in the middle. His share of the company and his notorious competitive nature will surely look to make this blow up, as the vested interest of Disney people in Star Wars and Topps is not a coincidence.

Everyone at Topps and everyone at Topps Digital wants this game to be the biggest thing to hit a galaxy far far away in years, as a rising tide will lift all boats. This means more team members, larger budgets and more content. It also means more opportunities to improve the user experience.

Star Wars Card Trader is already off to a fast start, but how long before Chewy gets the hyper drive working? Not long if I had to guess.

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2 Responses to Could Star Wars Card Trader Become Topps Digital’s Top App?

  1. John Couke says:

    Wish it was available to users in Japan..

  2. rpitcher says:

    I’m going to miss Opening Day if I don’t get over this Star Wars Card Trader addiction. Has it really only been a week? Someone is playing Jedi mind tricks on me.

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