Gridiron Unwrapped: Breaking Down Offseason Huddle Sets

This time of year is brutal for Football fans. No baseball, no football, and the draft is still a month away. I feel for the Huddle designers as well, because they have to find a way to keep people engaged and interested. So far, the offseason has had its fair share of content, and here is my breakdown.

Offseason Signature Set


Cards: TBD
Pack Price: 7000
Lowest Count: 100 (so far)
Cool factor: Top Pick

Last year, these cards were some of the most boring cards of the year. It was literally the stock head shot with a signature on the card. No design, nothing. This year, I am going to argue that the offseason sig design is better than the head shot sig design we got during the year. Its that cool looking with the chalkboard drawn play background. Although the cards are very tough pulls because of the odds and fewer people opening packs, they are still fun to try to get.

Offseason Limited Set


Cards: TBD
Pack Price: 6500
Lowest Count: 84 (so far)
Cool factor: 1st Round Pick

I really thought the first limited set was awesome when it came out, and seeing this set as a continuation of the theme is a huge improvement. The design is awesome, looking like stamped metal, and so far, the player selection has been pretty great as well. A win all around.

Offseason Street Set


Cards: TBD
Pack Price: 5000
Lowest Count: 500 (so far)
Cool factor: 2nd Round Pick

Although I still love the original street set so much, this one is cool in a very similar perspective. Its more like we would expect graffiti to look like, with cement walls and more vibrant use of font design, and that makes this a pretty intricate look to an offseason insert.

8 Bit Series


Cards: 10
Pack Price: 5000
Lowest Count: 1000
Cool factor: Top Pick

I cant even put into words how much I love this set. It is nostalgia like nothing else, bringing back the days of Tecmo Bowl and the NES to Huddle. The cards are designed perfectly, and the checklist is just as good. I managed to put together the whole set in the last day, and I could not be happier that was the case. One of the best head shot sets in the game, and its not even close.

Bowman II Set


Cards: 10
Pack Price: 6500
Lowest Count: 1000
Cool factor: 5th Round Pick

This was the first set to really try the variant coin bundle buy card, and I think it was an interesting approach. Im not a huge fan of offering the variants for small bundles at first and then ramping them up all the way to the 900k bundle at the end though. That’s a bit unfair, considering that many of the users were likely expecting the buys to be of the smaller variety all the way through. Of course, there was always that doubt in our mind, but still. All that being said, I love the design more than the original Bowman set, even though the first version were headshots. Just not a huge fan of the structure.

Finest II Set


Cards: 10
Pack Price: 5000
Lowest Count: 400 (so far)
Cool factor: Undrafted Free Agent

I remember when these cards were released in physical back in 2011. I wasnt a huge fan of the design then, as the Star Trek like look and feel of the font/design just wasnt as appealing. Seeing them in digital form without the Chrome style presentation makes them look more dull and boring. Being that this is also Christian Ponder’s rookie year makes me have a bad taste in my mouth as a Vikings fan too. Ill try not to hold that against this set, but I would have gone with another year.

Im excited to see what Huddle has in store as we progress through bigger events of the offseason, and I expect they are going to bring the heat. The draft is approaching quickly, and hopefully we get some action going.

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