Force Tip of the Day: Understanding the Difference Between Ongoing Sets and Weekly Inserts

With Star Wars Card Trader being 100% collection focused, the need for chase elements and sets is even higher than any of the other apps. With the release of weekly inserts, planet sets, greens, and other ongoing insert sets, there sure is a lot to chase. It can create some value confusion, as we have seen, and I wanted to provide my breakdown of how I look at it.

After seeing some questions yesterday about the value of the new “Movie Quotes” set being on the same level as Vintage, it bears discussion over how that set will be integrated into the app. As we have seen with the release structure, there is a difference between the weekly insert “marathon” sets and the ongoing other sets like Rebels and Movie Quotes.


Although value WILL be extremely high on the movie quotes cards because of how cool they are, that value’s longevity is going to be determined by the length and popularity of the set. Vintage cards are being traded for the quotes, but whether that will continue to be the case is on the shoulders of the community’s perception of the set.

Looking back through the releases, its clear that some sets have a wide appeal that make it very easy trade them for a ransom. Nightbrothers is a great example of this, as prior to the set reward, it cost multiple vintage cards to get your hands on the Maul or others. That doesnt mean that the set has the same power as vintage does, but it does mean collectors will have to treat them with a different viewpoint.

To say that Movie Quotes is the new Vintage isnt the way I would go, but I do think we have a great new set to chase. Vintage’s cards will continue to hold value as long as the marathon continues across the first 30 weeks of the app. As designated in the article, Movie Quotes being “series 1” implies that there will be a few different sets with this theme, thus potentially diluting the pool vs vintage and the other weekly sets.

Dont get me wrong, it is DEFINITELY in your best interest to chase this set for a few reasons, including that the cards are freaking awesome. Just be careful unloading your marathon sets to put your eggs in this basket, as that isnt likely going to pay off the way you think it will.

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1 Response to Force Tip of the Day: Understanding the Difference Between Ongoing Sets and Weekly Inserts

  1. CRACKER-JACK says:

    Topps Digital should introduce more sets like this. We need more “Old School” excitement because we are getting bored of Rebels here and Rebels there. If you compare the Bunt insert design, Star Wars inserts are light years away…
    Aside from the WideVision and the Vintage Sets…the other Mararhon sets are very very monotonous and with a very basic and cheap looking design.
    That is my humble opinion.
    P.S There should have been an award for the very hard to get Commemorative Set. It’s a shame that Fans are trading away their sets…

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