Topps Bunt and the 2015 All Star Game: First Cards and Exclusive Previews!

As I mentioned in my post earlier this year, the All Star Game is a great time in Bunt. Its one of the truly BIG events that they focus on, with the HOF inductions, and the Post Season being the others.

We got our first taste of the ASG today with the release of the first batch of All Star cards, including the 17 starters that were voted in by the fans. The rest of the cards will come at a later time, but these are definitely some of the better guys people will be chasing. As we saw last year, all players selected will get a card, regardless of whether or not they actually play.

Huge fan of the design, as the skyline is a really nice touch. TOPPSDAN did a great job on this one.


These cards are one per pack, which is a big win over last year – where pulls on the Super Rare All Stars were extremely tough. There are likely going to be hundreds of other cards that are coming, but this is the base set that we definitely want to chase. The coin reward and the MVP reward for collecting all the cards will be worth the trouble of opening all those packs. Trading is going to be a relative breeze with the higher counts, so it shouldnt be too hard to fill those gaps in your set if you need to.

I have confirmation on a few of the sets, like Legends, Home Run Derby, and FanFest like last year, with a lot of other stuff coming that is new for 2015. Topps Digital Editor in Chief Chris Vaccaro, sent over a preview for the readers of DCC, which details some new content. The set will be a cross promotion with Fox Sports that looks REALLY cool. It will feature the top 10 vote getters, with a bonus 11th card as a reward for the set.

Here is an exclusive preview of what the cards look like, which are really nice with a presentation similar to Editors Choice:

unnamed (1) unnamed

Bottom line, get ready for some fireworks, as this is prime time.

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