Topps Kick Guest Post: Introductions and Reasons to Join Up Today!

Let me start by introducing a special guest post for today – as I feel this is a great opportunity to expand this site’s horizons. I love what Topps has done with their digital portfolio over the last few years, a testament to the commitment to this medium in sports cards. One of the apps that I really havent found my place in is Topps Kick, as I just dont know anything about Soccer. That being said, it is the app with the largest active user base, and its time to get some content for the game. My buddy ONEGAUCHO is an active Kick player, and utilizes to bring more life to the game. He asked if he could provide some content, to which I enthusiastically obliged! Check out his feed here if you are interested in learning more.


ToppsKICK: What You Need to Know!

For those of you who are unaware, ToppsKick is an app dedicated to Soccer worldwide, or “football” as everyone else knows it. The app has hundreds of thousands of users from all over the world and at the moment, is in full swing on the US side where the MLS season is heading into their All Star game this coming Wednesday. The game is structured just like both of the other sports app, with a dual fantasy/collecting type layout.

App Play

This particular app’s following really digs into the fantasy side of the gameplay, or more commonly referred to as “the chase”. This is a bit different from what we have seen before with BUNT and HUDDLE, as collecting can be just as important as fantasy in many cases.

Though there is a decent group of collectors, a large majority is focused on chasing points during the matches for MLS (US Major League Soccer), Barclay’s Premier League and Bundesliga.

Whereas in past seasons, the base cards had a similar structure as BUNT and HUDDLE where there were 5 tiers of base, this MLS season, they decided to do away with those tiers and there’s only one level that scores at 1x. It makes for a very interesting play style, especially from people who are both collectors and chasers.

As a result of this flattening approach, a premium has been placed on inserts and awards that score in the traditional green/red/silver/gold levels. Award cards for chasing sets come with a 1.7-2.0x boost, so there’s value to both collectors and chasers. This has seemed to created a tight community within the top article chats, especially among the people who participate frequently.

Hot Items and the MLS All Star Game

Due to the MLS All Star game on Wednesday, they have released some exciting new sets with great artwork. More importantly, these inserts are coming out at a 1.5x so that’s key for chasers. Most sets come out at 1.2x so this is a significant bump in value. The current All-Star set boasts a hefty 100k coin award (vs the usual 60k) and comes with a gold variant of one of the game’s elite scorer, Kaka from Orlando City.

unnamed (6) unnamed (5)

In general, as with the other apps, sigs are near the top of the food chain when it comes to lasting value. Like HUDDLE and BUNT have done, they also have a variant chase and those are what everything seems to be valued against. The first few came out at a lower count relative to current ones (150 vs 175) so those are the keys to the marathon chase. And since many play for points, these are gobbled up in bunches by chasers but are also coveted by collectors. This perfect storm makes the value skyrocket both within the app as trade bait and outside on the open market.

Staying Up To Date

TOPPSCHARI is the app’s producer and runs a tight ship churning out these goodies for the community. You can also follow @toppskick on Twitter, where they post all the new releases. If you have any questions about the app or values, drop me a follow on Twitter (@onegaucho) or reach out to Chari on the app and shoot him a 1:1. Most importantly join us on Kick, crack some packs and enjoy the All Star festivities! You will not be disappointed.

Also – check out my content on Twitch, as I do a lot of fun stuff that has to do with the everyday goings on of the app. I try to make it very participatory and give people in the chat an opportunity to find out what it takes to be successful in the game. My name is the same in all 4 apps, so dont hesitate to reach out.

Here is a video I added to Youtube if you cant make it onto the live feed, it talks about card value and trading on the app. Great starting point for everyone.


A big thank you to OneGaucho for the post – hopefully we can get more just like it.

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