SWCT Force Tip of the Day: How Has Week 21 Played Out?

Everyone expected a firestorm of people looking to cash in on Week 21 cards, especially Vintage and Widevision. The question that everyone was curious to find out focused on how much value that firestorm was going to create. I think things finished up in a very interesting fashion, and I think there are lessons to be learned.

Vintage – Lando in Disguise


Card Count: 2250
Odds: 1 in 80
Value: High

This is where we really expected things to blow up. With Boba Fett Attacks Vintage climbing higher with each passing week, people really thought that week 21 was going to be a very similar situation. As explained in a previous article, Boba was a perfect storm that likely wouldnt happen again. Although Lando really hasnt reached week 11 levels yet, he is elevated over many of the other Vintage, at almost double the value. For reference Boba is about 3-4x.

I think that Lando’s value will climb over time, but the fact he isnt a top Character like Han (week 1) or Boba (week 11), its going to be hard to reach that elite status. I think its a really cool card, dont get me wrong, but his appearance in another Wave 2 vintage diluted people’s reaction to what they were getting. Eventually this will end up being the top value card in the set, but I find it hard to believe that it will be a runaway value kind like we saw with week 11.

Widevision – Tragedy of Darth Plagueis


Card Count: 3000
Odds: 1:50
Value: Strong

For a while, it looked like more and more people were jumping on board with Widevision’s marathon because the set was easier to collect. From what it looks like, that transition looks a bit stale at this point. All things considered, I thought this was a really interesting choice for week 21, especially after the controversy with the award card for Wave 2.

Darth Plagueis is not a character that is featured in any of the six movies, he only exists in reference, when Anakin is being tempted by the Dark Side to save Padme from her foretold death. As Palpatine’s mentor, he plays a big part in the history of how the new trilogy came to be, which is why I find the card interesting. Plagueis’ story does have a big impact.

The value of the card is higher than a normal Widevision, but the user reaction to the award card really tarnished the fanfare around the new wave’s release. People were so upset, the card really took a back seat. It will get more attention as the wave plays out, but right now its still kind of a regular card.

Also worth mentioning that the trade economy on Funeral Pyre (week 11) softened TREMENDOUSLY as the wave closed out. Everyone was offering the card, and there were very few people that wanted one. I would guess this also had contributing circumstance to the new wave’s leadoff. Doesnt hurt that Funeral pyre is one of the coolest in the entire series.

Connections, Bounty, Galactic Moments

Bounty and Galactic Moments both had their week 11 cards released, but I think there are a lot of reasons why those sets are not as in demand as the two covered above. The Wave 3 connections lead off will hit today, and its going to be intriguing to see if they can find a combination as popular as Han and Leia were for week 11. I have gathered that the community would like all week 1 wave cards to be original trilogy, or at the very least NOT from the cartoons, but we will see how it plays out. Connections is really coming back around as a set worth chasing, and with a disappointing reward for wave 1 in the rear view mirror, a nice award for wave 2 could jump start things.

Bottom line, we knew it would be different for wave 3, with both Android and iOS firmly established as part of the community. Everyone knows what they are looking to accomplish by this point in the game, and that will change the way we look at value.

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