2015 NFL Kickoff: Contest Primer – Steelers vs Patriots


If you are like me and still on cloud nine from the newly attained NFL license, here is your primer for tonight’s opening game. There are a number of cards that have still not released, so I will focus on the players you should definitely review prior to the game’s start.

NOTE: Due to likely enormous traffic, get your starting lineup in as soon as possible on the contest screen. Load your best guys and set yourself up in case things crash.

Antonio Brown – WR, Steelers

This guy is the one guy I would stock up on as much as humanly possible. He will be all over the field, and with Revis gone, the potential for points against the Pats’ secondary is huge. I would make sure that if you trade, this is the one player you have to track down. Most people will go after Roethlisberger, but receivers score more on a play by play basis due to getting more points for yardage than QBs.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Rob Gronkowski – TE, Patriots

Much like Brown on the Steelers, Gronk is the the guy to chase for New England. Gronk is on the hook for at least a TD tonight, and I wouldnt be shocked if he has a tremendous game. The Patriots will be out for blood, and Gronk will be leading the charge. Pick up as many as you can.

Scoring Potential:yToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Ben Roethlisberger – QB, Steelers

I like Big Ben as a dark horse for MVP if the Steelers live up to expectations this year. He has some amazing weapons around him, and its going to be interesting how things play out. I expect at least 300 yards from him tonight, including a few TDs. Pick up what you can, as there just arent many cards around to play tonight.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Tom Brady – QB, Patriots

Lets face it, no one wants to have a better game than Tom Brady. He wants to give a big middle finger to the league, and he wants to do it on national TV. However, he didnt look great during the preseason, and he has mentioned how much the offseason has impacted him. He could easily melt down tonight, but the Steelers defense isnt what it used to be either. He always finds a way.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Julian Edelman – WR, Patriots

I think that Edelman has the tendency to take over in certain situations, but also to disappear in others. I think the Patriots running game is mediocre at best, which means teams can sit back a bit and play more to defending the pass. Edelman has had good games in the past against Pitt, but tonight could be difficult if Brady isnt himself.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Stay on the look out for new inserts and game boosts that could be on their way. This is going to be a fun night, dont miss out!

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1 Response to 2015 NFL Kickoff: Contest Primer – Steelers vs Patriots

  1. Funny that the new cards;

    1) Have low set numbers. It looks like Topps restarted the card count with this season’s set.
    2) The cards don’t mention on the back what color they are, nor their population count.

    I imagine and hope that these are just bugs or short-term development omissions to get to release.

    Still, pretty happy about the look of everything.

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