Five Players Who Do Not Need Another Huddle Card

Because we know that cards are likely produced weeks ahead of time, there is definitely a gap between what is happening on the field and which players end up on checklists. There are a few that have well overstayed their welcome on Huddle checklists and need to be left off in the future.

  1. Ndamukong Suh

The Dolphins were a train wreck since the beginning, so much that they fired their coach. Although they have turned things around a bit, Suh has not been himself. Defense is less valuable in Huddle as it is, and Suh is just not playing well.

2. Roddy White

The team has moved on from their old reliable target, who really hasnt shown he can still run with the big boys. Players like Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman should join Matt Ryan as really the only players who should be featured.

3. Andre Johnson

We get it, he used to be one of the best players in the game, but he isnt even close to his old self. On a colts team that is one step from getting their coach fired, Johnson doesnt do enough to deserve any attention. He may get a TD here and there, but as a whole, the slot should be used for other players that are far more popular.

4.  Carlos Hyde

Even though he had a nice game to start the year, Hyde has come back down to earth with the rest of the putrid niners offense. Believe it or not, he currently sits among the top 7 players in terms of number of inserts released. Pass.

5. Demarco Murray

Although Murray had a great year last year on a popular team, he is a shell of himself right now, mainly because of the way the Eagles have used him. He came around a bit last week, but its not the same season he had last year. Even worse is when Ryan Mathews is included. The Eagles running game should just be left out of all inserts. Hell, the Eagles as a whole just havent lived up to expectations.

Honorable Mention: Josh McCown

The Browns have ugly uniforms and McCown just isnt popular enough to generate any real value in his inserts. Popularity is so important to insert value, and he is a DUD.

Honorable Mention: Jeremy Maclin

I really though Maclin would play well under his old coach, and he has only managed spurts of production on a bad team. He remains one of those players that few people really gravitate towards.

Honorable Mention: Justin Forsett

Great year last year, not so great this year. The Ravens are in the cellar of their division and really dont need much more love. If they need cards, I would stick to other players who can generate more of a popularity response.

I think that players on the fringe of popularity do deserve their opportunity at times, but with the NFL having SUCH a huge crop of guys that will generate interest in Huddle, its not necessary to give these guys any more cards. I think a terrible checklist in terms of player popularity can ruin a set, and I hate to see that happen.

Obviously, not every card can be Brady or Rodgers either, but like I said, there are so many guys to choose from that are all playing at a top level.

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7 Responses to Five Players Who Do Not Need Another Huddle Card

  1. In Hyde’s defense he’s only a second year player & hasn’t reach the peak of his career (like most of the others on the list). I’m new to digital cards and really appreciate the blog.

    • SCUncensored says:

      In terms of popularity, I would have gone a different direction. Unfortunately for the Niners, that is difficult. At some point you just have to leave a team behind in creating checklists. Navorro Bowman in defensive capacity, but man they are thin on stars.

  2. Rex says:

    Suh’s ProFootballFocus grades are off the charts.

  3. Ominous Seapods says:

    Is there a forum anywhere where people talk in detail about Huddle? I know there’s a very active Reddit group for the Star Wars app, but I haven’t been able to find the equivalent for Huddle.

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