Coming Full Circle – New Adrian Peterson Sig Strikes a Chord With Me

Since day one, Huddle has always been my main app. Football is the one sport I will watch any game of any team, and I collect mostly football cards on the physical side above all else. Its natural that I gravitated towards Huddle more than Bunt (only two apps were around then), and I think that I will always be loyal in that respect. That isnt saying I dont play Bunt or SWCT a ton, they just dont have the same focus for me as Huddle.

On Friday, Huddle released an Adrian Peterson signature card, with a variant to boot. As a Vikings fan, who collects sigs more than anything, this is the one day a year I look forward to. Of course, this particular sig was of note for other reasons, mainly because of the way I was introduced to Huddle.


Back in 2013, signature cards were INSANELY tough to pull. They still are, for the most part, but the klout of these cards in 2013 was far more significant. There werent as many inserts, the packs were much simpler, and the game dynamic was different. I had been playing since the beginning of the season, but it was sporadic at best. When I opened a random pack that day and pulled the first ever Adrian Peterson signature, my heart skipped a beat. I was shocked that the cards existed, and I was even more shocked that I pulled it.

I hadnt been familiar with the app news feed at the time, and really didnt get the whole setup for how the packs worked. I just liked opening packs here and there, setting my lineup once on Thursday, Sunday and Monday and walking away. I was a very casual player at best. Once I hit that card, something clicked and I wanted more. I wanted more that very second. From that point on, I was hooked, eventually getting to the top 8 in the Huddle bowl last year.

This year, when Huddle became NFL licensed, I was hoping that my Vikings would eventually get their day. The ability to see signature cards with NFL logos and jerseys was something that got me pumped up. I wasnt sure which player they were going to choose, but was extremely happy with Peterson, if not only because of my prior experience in 2013. Peterson had very few cards in 2014, and though he was my choice when I was Fan of the Week, that was his last insert of the year.

The crazy thing about this whole situation is that Topps Digital has reached a point where users are buying packs based on their previous experiences in the app. Outside of tying a digital card to nostalgia of a physical card from years past, we are now reaching the point where digital cards can remind people of previous digital cards. That is pretty impressive, considering where all of the apps started back in 2012.

I love the new Peterson sig, and if I had a digital trophy case that was a place where I could add my cards, this new one would be positioned right next to the old one. To think, I have completed over 2000 trades since 2014 started, and not once have I considered trading that first sig I pulled. Many amazing offers have come through, but its always remained a part of my collection. Its the first insert I pulled, and for that, its never going anywhere.

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