Paint Me a Winner: Artistry and Topps Digital

We have seen so many different types of content within all of the Topps Digital apps that almost nothing is out of scope for future content. Whether its something as weird as Skateboard Decks to something as cool as exclusive digital designs by Tyson Beck, content is all over the place. That’s not a bad thing, either. Its one of the main reasons I love the apps as much as I do.


One thing that always gets me diving in head first is when artists’ work is translated into the apps – either on an exclusive basis, or as a digitization of the physical works. Its one thing that I think remains special and novel, mainly because the Topps team has been so diligent in picking winners.

Sets like Christian Waggoner’s Reflections series in SWCT, and the recent release of S. Preston’s Minimalist Ballparks in Bunt all showcase how powerful art can be when translated for the digital world. Sports art has always been something I find absolutely fascinating, especially Goal Line Art in football, or more well known artists like Leroy Neiman.


We know that more “art themed” cards are coming SW later, as previewed yesterday through Comics Alliance, and it seems to be more like official works generated by official SW channels. Looks pretty cool, and may end up being the TBD marathons. Along side this preview, sets Space Paintings remain an enormously popular marathon-esque set, as does Card Trader illustrated. In the art theme, both of which feature less traditional representations of the SW universe.


I challenge the Topps Digital team to bring the artistic side to all the apps in as many ways as possible. Dynamic cards can be made all across the different mediums that exist, and this just happens to be one of my favorite types of thing to collect. I dont think I am alone there, especially when you see how many people gravitate towards these types of releases. With such talented graphic artists in house as well, I would be curious to see what the team could even come up with on their own. Matthew Petz, who works on the SW design team for the app, is at the top of his field. No coincidence there. TOPPSDAN and TOPPSALFRED continually showcase how much skill they have at creating amazing looking digital cards. I want them to use that talent as much as possible.

Star Wars card Trader Original Art

Topps also has a relationship with talented artist Tyson Beck, who designed the Fire and Arcade series used in Huddle and Bunt. Because I feel like his designs are too “out there” for a physical card set, they fit like a glove in the digital realm. Users are much more experienced with cool content like we see in his work, where the traditionalists of the physical side have shown they are not.

CUteM1mUcAAA_k4Topps Fire Bunt

This is where Topps Digital can remain on the cutting edge for content and showcase why the quirky and the beautiful have a place side by side in the apps in their portfolio. I cannot say how excited I am to see what they have up their sleeve.



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