Bunt Boxes: Time to Bring These To the Other Apps?

Today, Bunt released another boxed format release in Topps Finest, similar to what they did with the 1990 Draft Picks and Allen & Ginter X. The format hasnt exactly worked perfectly from an engineering perspective, but the concept is elite. Deliver top quality digitizations, with high value box toppers if you buy in.

The box format does exist in Huddle too, but in a completely different way. Each monday a 900k pack is made available where users have a shot at the coveted Gold Legends cards that run the trade economy. The issue is that the rest of the content is a hodge podge of other stuff, rather than a focused release similar to what Bunt has done.

Topps Bunt Mariano Rivera Finest SigCW2XUYfUAAAES1h

Each of the Bunt releases has a ton of in scope content all related to the box itself, including base cards, and multiple box toppers. That’s not saying Huddle’s legend boxes havent worked well, just that the content doesnt have the same presentation as its sister app. Opening a box in Bunt for $75 will net you some great looking stuff, including a large number of guaranteed inserts. It obviously takes a lot to get these built, approved and set up, but the payoff is huge. Bunt has actually found a way to bring the fun of opening boxes on the physical side to a digital format.

I absolutely love the way these cards turn out, and the box toppers are highly sought after by collectors. This means that a user rarely walks away disappointed, where other formats from the other apps dont always deliver that way.

In my opinion, this type of release could not only be used for Huddle, but also for SWCT in delivery of the many different base variant types that have flooded the app lately. Instead of paying $100 dollars to get one variant, bring the experience of opening a few packs to get to the box topper.

Again, the work needed to set up a program of this sort isnt anything to scoff at. Building 100 finest base cards and 30 box toppers is a ton of work, and the approvals are a part of it as well. I just have to believe that save any engineering issues, the way we fawn over the cards pales in comparison.

Here are some sets for Huddle that I would love to see in this format:

  • Five Star – This set was the premiere set before Definitive Collection was announced earlier this year.
  • Supreme – Great looking base, with some huge potential for great box toppers
  • Museum Collection – Premium set with cool looking base cards
  • Bowman Chrome – Since Topps Chrome was already released, this set would be a cool digitization candidate
  • Topps Finest – Another Chrome style set
  • Superfractors – the famous physical 1/1s that could be used in a very special way

Overall, its all about novelty and the way things are delivered to the users. Nothing is more fun than ripping a bunch of packs. This type of format does wonders for that.



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