Dicussing on the Importance of Collection Competition

Let me start by saying this post is not about the competition via contest. We all understand that contests are a great way to use your collection in a way that satiates people’s competitive spirit. What I want to talk about is more in regards of showcasing user collections in a way that breeds competition on the collecting side.

For an app like Star Wars, im shocked this isnt a bigger focus. What is even more crazy to me is that the app started off with rewards in place for the biggest and best collections. Now that the app has morphed considerably, I feel like giving us a way to see where we rank among the best for any number of areas could only help. Biggest hoards, best quality of collection, most cards, etc. SWCT is a collecting app, and right now the only incentive for anything is just owning stuff. Hoards are unofficial, collections are measured by a score no one really understands, Its time to add to that.

Similarly, when you see some of the specific cards that people gravitate towards in any of the apps, the people who achieve the top milestones should be front and center. Its not just about recognizing the best traders, or the top cards, its showcasing that collecting is important. Being how competitive people are in the apps, recognition is something that could incite feeding frenzies.

The easiest way to showcase this is on a card by card basis. On twitter yesterday, we discussed how cool it would be to get a hoard update on a third flip of any card. Create a 3rd back of the card that showcases which users have the most of the card in question. Give us more info around the environment in which we exist and user behavior will change.

The next easiest way to engage this element is to offer rewards or quests for people as they go. Awards for being among the top collectors or fastest completion of a set should be standard practice. It might even be a good idea to publish user names in the article, or give special reward cards.

Most importantly, find a way to offer a way for individual users to be recognized. Each week, a collector spotlight should be part of each of the apps. User submitted nominations or something like that should be a part of the fun. Have the top Vikings collection in the game? Get your nomination in. Have 10,000 white Tie Fighter Pilots? Wow, get your nomination in. Have a master collection of Mike Trout that includes every single release? You deserve your time in the sun, get your nomination in. Topps needs to  make sure users get a chance to tell their story, and it will inspire people to change the way they look at any quest they choose to undertake.

Competition is truly the name of the game, even if the app’s main point is not contests. Lets find ways to make this happen, and it will be a new fresh way to get people back in the swing of things.

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