SWCT Classic Art: Force Awakens Brings Back Great Memories

Ah yes. The simpler times of 6 months ago. Bask in the glory of days. No untradeable sets, daily cool and fun releases, and very few bundle cards. It was the golden age of SWCT, and Classic Art was a big part of that effort.

Yesterday we got our first taste of the in app portion of Force Awakens Classic Art, a set that I am very, very excited about. Not only does it bring back the young nostalgic feeling of that time in SWCT, but it is a really cool idea to adapt the old cards for a new purpose. Although I feel weird about talking like the first set happened 50 years ago, it kind of feels that way.

BB8 Classic Art SWCT

I already talked about the extemely valuable Classic Art redemption cards that are available in Topps Star Wars: Force Awakens Series 2, and I am happy that the team decided to make them more widely available in other formats. Although it kind of hurts the novelty and special circumstances around the redemptions, ill let it go because I love the cards. I want the cards for myself!

They are starting with the Green variants that drop a few times a day. Its a simple set up, 5k per pack, with pretty affordable odds. This is the community win that many people have been waiting for. They arent 99.99 bundles, they arent behind a pay wall, and they are just there for everyone to enjoy. I miss this. A lot of people miss stuff like this.

The set itself is composed of all the ones from the physical redemption set, with Rey as the award. Thankfully it wont be insane to collect all the base parallels, which is a big plus. If you miss a drop or dont pull the card, dont worry, this set is available for trading unlike the recent rash of sets that have upset so many people.

I want to take a moment and talk about the way this set makes a lot of people feel. Quite a few people loved classic art days in the app back in the middle of last year. They made it a point to chase down all the fun examples that had a quirky appeal to all the individuals who remember what the cards were like back in the day. It was a popular set because it was meant to be fun. It was an event.

We need more of stuff like this, even if it doesnt take the form of a set we previously identify with. We need to make releases more about a love of Star Wars and its rich history in our culture. Classic Art might not be a beacon of that, but the mechanics behind it speak to a lot of people.

Kudos to the team on this set. Cant wait for more stuff like it.

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