A Plea for More Cards Like FA: Portraits

So far, the Force Awakens Portrait cards have been one of my favorite sets released in conjunction with the movie. They use movie stills to showcase a close up focus on the characters themselves – something which drove a lot of what the film was all about. Star Wars has always been as much about the people as the story, and the simple presentation of these cards have made me love this set.

Although the Variants are there, most of them are delivered in a way that is easy to understand, and easy to collect. This is one of those sets that everyone was able to participate in, and for the most part, get something out of. Those things tend to be fewer and far between in the Topps world these days, and when they happen, its no surprise that people go nuts for them.

Seeing that we are getting our first character card of FA Luke Skywalker in the app, all of a sudden, this set becomes one of the hottest ones to complete. With the spoiler-ish type of circumstances in which he appears in the movie, this could actually open some doors for how certain things become available for usage.

Force Awakens Portraits Luke Skywalker.JPG

Personally, I had a LOT of fun chasing the different parts of this set, and that was after I got in a bit late due to a vacation with my family. Now that I get to see how well everyone has taken this release, Im glad im not the only one who appreciates it.

My plea is this. I know that movie footage material has been limited for usage, up to a point, based on the sets they have released. Im hoping that as more stuff becomes available, we get more sets that use footage stills from the film instead of publicity or artists rendering. Its not that the renderings are bad at all – quite the contrary. Im just asking for some variety and a focus on giving us more of the movie we all got to experience with the app.

Now that FA is out on DVD, I think its safe for spoiler content. Hopefully the Topps team gets the go ahead to start diving in. I mean, how cool would FA widevision be? I would chase that set to the ends of the earth. I can only believe Portraits is the first foot through the door, because I absolutely love this type of direction.

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