BREAKING NEWS: Topps Digital To Release New App 5/12/16

For over a year, we have wondered what the next step would be for Topps in their app expansion, and tomorrow we will finally know what it is. Tweets from the team indicate that the new app will launch tomorrow:

Although speculation of which license will be used is rampant, the digital team seems to be keeping it under wraps for now. A few weeks ago, I posted some theories, all of which look to be on the table.

Take a look here:

So far, the most common response to the question has been whether or not Topps will finally put their WWE license to use in a digital arena – especially when there are already card apps that have been established for a long period of time. Although plausibility is high, nothing is for certain. With the WWE, it might signal the first time that an app has both “fantasy” and “entertainment” value, instead of just one or the other.

Other questions remain of whether or not the app will be connected to any license at all, or whether a number of things could be used from many different sources. There are so many fun theories floating around that it almost makes the launch that much more interesting.

Regardless of what the new app is, the stakes for the launch will be far higher than they ever have been in the past. Even though SWCT’s launch was a big deal, the attention Topps Digital has received since that timeframe has made them into a major player in the app world, including features in magazines and other national media.

Bottom line, this is a launch like we have never seen before, and that is putting it lightly. If there is a huge reaction to the subject of the game, we could see all sorts of news outlets covering the story. If somehow Topps was able to land a huge fish on this one, enormous groups of people could discover the wonders of the platform in a rapid fashion.

Just be prepared, as May 12th is going to be a day to remember.

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