A First Look at Walking Dead Card Trader Inserts!

I expect some amazing  content for the new Walking Dead Card Trader, and I would expect we are going to start to see them today. Mashable.com published a few previews today, and I must say, the Topps design team has done a tremendous job.

Although I am not sure if these are marathon previews or insert set previews, it doesnt matter. Im on board with these, as the design does everything you would expect from an app like this.

What still remains unclear is the Vintage/Signature type equivalent, or the one marathon that everyone is going to want. Whatever it is, all of the apps have launched with the most important cards leading off, so I would make sure to get whatever you can during the next few days. Any insert that is released should be on your list, and if they look anything like these, Im beyond excited.

My favorite of the release is close between the hatchet card of Rick and the blood red look from the Daryl card. This app is going to take Topps Digital to a place it has never gone before, and its clear that they are going all in with some provocative looks. If this app is going to work, they are going to be required to push the envelope with mature content, and I am fully supportive of that. I dont think it can work any other way.

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