Huddle Goes Big With Allen and Ginter Box Release

Considering how big a day this has already turned out to be for Topps Digital, this news is something that I am just as excited about. Ginter has been a beloved set for baseball now for 10 years, and it has been used a few times in all 3 of the sports apps. Its retro look and awesome content has been responsible for some great cards over the years, and I am glad we are getting the full treatment in Huddle.


Obviously the cards look amazing. The gold sigs are so nice in their design that I actually want to try for the set. The low count legends should have some MAJOR clout in the trade economy, and that doesnt even speak to the 1/1 signature that is also available.

Seeing that this is broken up into a few different waves adds to the appeal, as the awards will fuel a fire for a lot of the big spenders in the app. It also gives the boxes a bit of time to marinate, as people know that more and more content is on the way.

The most important piece of this really has nothing to do with the look of the cards itself actually. The fact that Topps is committing to using physical centric designs after the expiration of their physical football license is quite refreshing. Although physical cards may be done for Topps football, Huddle’s new deal with the NFL ensures that Topps will continue to be a factor in football cards.

I am a huge fan of this program, and with 2 boxes now in a week, I think its safe to say that the offseason is no longer “down” time for Huddle at all. Bridging 2015 and 2016 with great looking cards will be a huge factor in the launch of the new build, and it seems like the team is invested in making their app relevant year round.


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