Topps Digital Gets Fired Up in Bunt and Huddle

Topps Fire logo

Over the last two years, Tyson Beck has had quite the successful run designing cards for Topps. As someone who thinks the designs are a little too unconventional for physical, they sure do fit in perfectly for all the digital brands. We have seen very popular sets in Bunt, Huddle and Kick, and this week, we are getting our first taste for 2016.

Topps Bunt

Topps Bunt Fire Sano

Last year, Fire ended up being one of the most popular weekly chase sets, as users tried to track down the tough to pull base and variants for the top players in the game. This year, a new format, which includes a card exchange element has been released, and it might be even more popular.

Not only do the cards look just as fun as they did last year, but the variant game is pretty strong for this release. Each card has three levels, including an Orange and a Gold which requires 2 of the lower levels, plus equipment. With Golds scoring at 4x, you can imagine the importance of collecting this set other than the cool looking designs.

Topps Huddle

Fire football looks like an absolutely enormous set. Unlike Bunt, the super premium content seems to be a huge part of the release, with all sorts of signatures, and a bunch of other fun cards. The content of this release is absolutely huge, with the first wave already

Topps Fire Rice SigMy only complaint is on some of the single sig cards, which feature a box behind the digital autograph. Obviously some of these cards are quite dark in their background, but at the same time, that is where a bold signature with a drop shadow would stand out just fine. Im guessing the designs were taken directly from the physical team, but this is an element I would have loved if it were designed differently. Corey has done some awesome work, but adding the signatures to the cards in this way is a bummer.

As for the other cards in the release, this is going to be nothing short of Epic. Bunt has done similar sized releases in the past, but I have never seen them literally use every card in the physical product. Not only is this insanely time consuming, but also insanely worth it to me. Blurring the lines between digital and physical is a great approach for Huddle, especially now that Topps Football is no longer around.

I will be chasing quite a few pieces of this set, and I cannot wait to see what the checklist looks like. As the waves pass, and more cards are added to the mix, its clear that the physical set will be a guide to what is coming.

When it comes to Fire, digital is quickly shaping up to be synonymous with its layout and design. Tyson Beck does a lot of good work in this format, and its clear that the partnership works very well in each of these formats.

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