BREAKING NEWS: Topps Digital Releases UFC: Knockout!

I always love when new apps get released. Im not sure if its the beginning of the road that gets me pumped up, or if its just the fun part of starting from scratch. With the release of UFC: Knockout, Topps has added to their portfolio for the second time in less than a few months, and that shows the enormous investment they are looking to make on the digital side.


Not only that, but for the first time since the release of Topps Kick – a new sports app is in the fray. The app’s game play mechanisms are built around UFC’s big events, and with so many people turning to MMA as a growing sport in the world, this app could be huge.


Topps has had the UFC physical license for a number of years, and it has a loyal following of collectors. Cards of champions like Rhonda Rousey and others can be worth enormous amounts of money, especially as the sport becomes more popular. The rise (and fall) of Connor Macgregor is of note here as well, even more so with recent news attention surrounding his sudden retirement and subsequent unretirement. Through these highly visible stories, Topps’ brands have seen some major play, and this app only builds on that further.


Unlike Walking Dead and Star Wars, UFC has regular events that fit more into the apps in a classic sense. Cards have strengths and weaknesses that contribute to points, and as soon as we get closer to the next show, Im sure the first contests will make the gameplay more accessible for us to understand. I think its awesome to have more apps with consistent gameplay, as it adds to the capabilities of what might be possible with the construct.


Right now, the only things available are the base cards, but as we saw with Walking Dead, the first Inserts should be coming very shortly. In the app preview from the app store, we see that the physical cards are going to be a great source of cards to bring into the game, and luckily for us, many of the UFC sets have been quite awesome over the years.


As things get going, we should get a better idea of things, and I literally cannot wait. With only a few months between releases of new apps, Im curious how long before we get further names on the banner. This is one that might have been a bit more expected, due to Topps’ history with UFC, but maybe more are on the way. I hope this journey is far from over.

You can follow the app’s twitter feed – @ToppsUFC.

Download the app at this link.

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1 Response to BREAKING NEWS: Topps Digital Releases UFC: Knockout!

  1. ribors says:

    What are your thoughts on how these cards look? I have zero interest in UFC, so my opinion may reflect that, but the base cards design looks uninspired and the pictures of the fighters are so similar looking that as an outsider there is a certain monotony to them. It very much reminds me how the Huddle base cards looked before last year except zoomed out slightly – static or posed shots.

    I guess the gameplay component will appeal to many, but to me the design and picture selection is sorely lacking. I guess it doesn’t matter to me either way, since the only reason I downloaded the app is for cross-trading purposes.

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