Five Ways I Would Like to Improve SWCT

I used to be tied into SWCT every single day. I was on the app all the time and I had to have a copy of every Marathon. I completed the entire initial sets for Vintage, Widevision and Connections, and that was only the start. I have been on the app since day one, and even when people spent all their time complaining, I was still a ravenous fan. These days, since the hype from Episode VII died out, I have really stopped paying attention to most of the stuff. Im so sad, because I love Star Wars, but I feel like things have changed so drastically that its becoming difficult to continue spending. Here are a few things I would love to see change, as I am longing to dive back in head first.

Control Variants

Star Wars Card Trader Daisy Ridley Signature RelicStar Wars Card Trader John Boyega Signature Relic

Right now, this is honestly one of the worst problems that exist in the app. Honestly, Im not even sure Topps is fully to blame. Production delays with Lucasfilms might be so extended, that variants are the only way to generate content. We know Topps is a business, and they have to support the app, but adding variants to everything only hurts the long term app performance. Variants need to be a special thing that add to a set. It cant be a thing that is just a different color border or a different saturation in the image. If a variant exists, it has to bring something extra.

Reward Hoarders 

Again, this is a long term play, not a MAKE MONEY NOW play. Right now, for many users, the only reason they play is to hoard. Showcasing appreciation for their dedication is not only suggested, but its essential. This isnt monetizing hoard tactics, its literally giving recognition without interest in adding additional revenue generation to the app. Its not just monuments or special base variants either – its something that needs to be a way of life in the app. Im not saying Monuments wont be welcome, just that it cant just be a bone thrown to people. The team legitimately needs to come together and create programs that are aimed at helping hoarders feel welcome and embraced.

Create Super Premium Content Purchased With Coins

Right now, if you want any real nice card, you have to use a bundle to get access. Not only that, but many of the bundles only offer a SHOT at paydirt, not a guaranteed card. What’s even worse, is there is a marathon that requires purchase in this same fashion. At some point, the coins are going to be so devalued in acquiring the top cards in the app, it wont even be worth saving them. This just cannot happen. Even though bundle purchases recognize revenue right away, it doesnt give users rewards for collecting coins and saving up. The coin economy is withering and has been for a long time, and I hope that at some point in the future, the main cards are available in coin packs again. Paywall creates a negative user experience, and if the numbers shown on app ranking sites are any indicator, it has brought spending across the app down. At some point, SWCT’s direction needs to be moved away from short term spending and focus more on a long term user generation strategy. Find ways to get more people into the app, not getting more out of people already spending.

Make the SWCT Physical Product an ENORMOUS FOCUS

The Bunt team already experienced how much planning is required for the app to be in sync with the release of a physical product. With SWCT being the focus of a similar experience launching shortly, things need to be ON POINT. That means promotion across the app, getting users prepared, and communicating how to make the most of the packs. There are also a number of things promised on the sell sheet, and every last one of those things need to work properly. This cant go down like the Bunt version, it just cant.

Give the App a Design Update

Here is something I really dont understand. When you think about it, the app has never really gone through the yearly re-design that we see in the sports apps. Although things havent changed drastically for the Topps apps over the last few years, maybe its time to fork the road for entertainment based licenses. Stop trying to fit SWCT into the same skin that Bunt, Huddle and Kick are using, as it really doesnt make sense to do so. Create interfaces that give users in the app a customized experience built for entertainment. Considering what happened with Kick a year back, it has to be calculated and worth it, which means community feedback is essential. We have already started seeing the Bunt team ask for feedback, and this is something that SWCT should do frequently as well.

As mentioned before, I am a big fan of the app, and I dont think things are too far gone. With focus on the right things and a shift in strategy, maybe some of those lost users will come back. Cherish the users already spending and try to expand the base. Its going to be difficult, but it can be done. Daily numbers might need to be sacrificed so that the right path can be established. Hopefully that type of dedication is still available.

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